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Qatar World Cup 2022 tickets cheapest since 1986 tournament

Qatar World Cup 2022 tickets cheapest since 1986 tournament 1

The cheapest FIFA World Cup tickets since Mexico 1986 are now available for residents of Qatar, while the Showcase opening and finals are offered at an increased price.

This November, Qatar will host the biggest event in the football world – the FIFA World Cup. The first phase of ticket sales began on January 19 at 1:00 p.m. Doha time and will end at the same time on February 8.

Those applying for tickets during this period will not be affected by the time or date they complete their application as long as it closes before February 8th, as the drawing will be conducted after the completion of the first phase.

“All successful, partially successful and unsuccessful applicants will be duly informed of the outcome of their application by Tuesday, March 8, 2022, together with the steps to be followed and the deadline by which the allocated tickets must be paid for,” the said FIFA in a press release.

The first phase of general ticketing comes after Qatar Airways launched its all-inclusive World Cup packages a few weeks ago.

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FIFA aims to raise US$500 million from hospitality rights and ticket sales at Qatar’s eight stadiums within a 30-mile radius of Doha.

Travel times during the tournament are expected to be the shortest since the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland, but hotel availability could be tight.

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Four types of tickets are available: single match tickets, team specific tickets, four stadium tickets and accessible tickets. Other options that will be introduced later as the event gets closer are supporter tickets and conditional supporter tickets.

There are four prize tiers for each of these, as shown below:

* Category 4 is for Qatar residents only.

Affordable prices

There is a relatively low starting point for ticket prices, which will help feed the migrant workers who have worked hard to build the stadiums that will host the tournament this November. Some of the cheapest available seats in World Cup history are currently available to Qatari residents for QAR 40, which is equivalent to $11.

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According to the business standard these category 4 tickets are the cheapest seen at a World Cup since QAR 10 ($3) seats became available in Mexico, based on 1986 exchange rates. They also cost half the price of the corresponding category of the 2018 event hosted by Russia.

For international fans in the third category, tickets for the group stage are the cheapest since World Cup 2006 in Germany currently priced at 250 QAR ($69).

On the other hand, Category 1 group stage tickets have increased slightly from $210 to $220 (QAR 800), while Category 2 tickets remain similar to previous years at QAR 600 ($165).

Price increase for Showcase matches

the Washington Post has noticed that the cost of Showcase games has increased. The most expensive game on offer is for the finals on December 18th at Lusail Stadium.

Tickets for international fans start at QAR5,850, a 46% increase over the 2018 final, won by France, which was priced at QAR4,005.

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Compared to the last World Cup, Category 2 prices have increased by 41% from QAR 2585 to QAR 3650, while Category 3 prices have increased by 33% from QAR 1656 to QAR 2200 and Category 4 from QAR 400 to QAR 750.

The price increase is similar for the opening game, where there is a 37% increase for category three, 13% for category two and a 21% increase for category one.

In the meantime there will be a second ticket sale later in the year. The second sales period will start before the World Cup final draw on April 1, 2022.

So far, only 13 out of a possible 32 countries have qualified for the competition. The qualifiers will continue this year through to the intercontinental playoffs.

How do I request a ticket?

The Visa debit card is only accepted from Qatari residents, while Visa debit cards are accepted along with other cards for international fans.

Fan IDs (Hay’ya Card) are required to enter the country and access the stadiums. you can visit to apply for tickets.

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