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India Vs Pakistan Live Streaming Free Online Websites and T.V Channels List For World...

India will set up Pakistan in the 22nd ODI match for Cricket World Cup 2019. This CWC match will be hosted by Old Trafford, Manchester on 16th June....
One-Day Match 9 23:30 PM 29 September 2019
WA 6-210(35.0)
NSW 1-103(16.4)

Drummoyne Oval, Drummoyne


T20 Intl 2nd T20I 09:10 AM 30 September 2019
SL 0-0(0)
AUS 0-0(0)

North Sydney Oval No.1, North Sydney


One-Day Match 8 00:30 AM 29 September 2019
TAS 5-229(46.2)
SA 9-228(50.0)

Karen Rolton Oval, Adelaide

Tasmania win by 5 wickets

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