Conmebol Copa America 2019 Qualifiers: Fixtures, Schedule, Teams, Matches and Results

The Copa America 2019 Qualifiers are all set to get underway from June 14 and it will run for consecutive three weeks in a row until the final match on 7th of July.

Group matches will be finished by June 24 and there will be a three-day gap before knockout fixtures that would be played from June 27.

The draw for the Copa 2019 was confirmed on January 24, allocating the group stage of the 12 teams to participate in the competition.

Copa America 2019 Qualified Teams

How Many Teams are in Copa America 2019?

10 South American countries and guests Japan and Qatar have learned their fate for the Copa America this summer after the draw of Thursday in Rio de Janeiro.

Host Brazil and rivals Argentina and Uruguay were in the top four of the four who set the groups. Three-team utensils were based on FIFA world rankings, one of which was going to three groups of four.

Brazil has not won the Copa America since 2007, and the pressure on the host country is to distribute it after falling into the last world competition, which falls in hosting the 2014 World Cup.

The only warning was that Japan and Qatar could not be pulled together. The top two in each group and the best two third-place finishes will go forward for the quarterfinals, and a single-elimination knockout bracket will determine the winner.

Here are the Copa America 2019 groups and schedule for the Matches, with Brazil taking on Bolivia in the opening match June 14 in Sao Paulo (all times Eastern):

Copa America 2019 Group A





Copa America 2019 Qualifiers Fixtures Of the group A

JUNE 14: Brazil vs. Bolivia, 9:30 p.m. (Sao Paulo) 

JUNE 15: Venezuela vs. Peru, 4 p.m. (Porto Alegre)

JUNE 18: Bolivia vs. Peru, 6:30 p.m. (Rio de Janeiro)

JUNE 18: Brazil vs. Venezuela, 9:30 p.m. (Salvador)

JUNE 22: Peru vs. Brazil, 4 p.m. (Sao Paulo)

JUNE 22: Bolivia vs. Venezuela, 4 p.m. (B

Copa America Group B

elo Horizonte)





Copa America 2019 Qualifiers Fixtures Of the group B

JUNE 15: Argentina vs. Colombia, 7 p.m. (Salvador)

JUNE 16: Paraguay vs. Qatar, 4 p.m. (Rio de Janeiro)

JUNE 19: Colombia vs. Qatar, 6:30 p.m. (Sao Paulo)

JUNE 19: Argentina vs. Paraguay, 9:30 p.m. (Belo Horizonte)

JUNE 23: Qatar vs. Argentina, 4 p.m. (Porto Alegre)

JUNE 23: Colombia vs. Paraguay, 4 p.m. (Salvador)

Copa America Group C





Copa America 2019 Qualifiers Fixtures Of the group C

JUNE 16: Uruguay vs. Ecuador, 7 p.m. (Belo Horizonte)

JUNE 17: Japan vs. Chile, 8 p.m. (Sao Paulo)

JUNE 20: Uruguay vs. Japan, 8 p.m. (Porto Alegre)

JUNE 21: Ecuador vs. Chile, 8 p.m. (Salvador)

JUNE 24: Chile vs. Uruguay, 8 p.m. (Rio de Janeiro)

JUNE 24: Ecuador vs. Japan, 8 p.m. (Belo Horizonte)

Copa America 2019 Qualifiers Matches Date Wise


Copa America 2019 matches
14 June 2019  – 17 June 2019
14-Jun-19 – Matchday 1Group ABrazilBolivia
15-Jun-19Group AVenezuelaPeru
15-Jun-19Group BArgentinaColombia
16-Jun-19Group BParaguayQatar
16-Jun-19Group CUruguayEcuador
17-Jun-19Group CJapanChile
18 june 2019 – 21 June 2019
18-Jun-19 – Matchday 2Group ABoliviaPeru
18-Jun-19Group ABrazilVenezuela
19-Jun-19Group BColombiaQatar
19-Jun-19Group BArgentinaParaguay
20-Jun-19Group CUruguayJapan
21-Jun-19Group CEcuadorChile
22 June 2019 – 24 June 2019
22-Jun-19 – Matchday 3Group APeruBrazil
22-Jun-19Group ABoliviaVenezuela
23-Jun-19Group BQatarArgentina
23-Jun-19Group BColombiaParaguay
24-Jun-19Group CChileUruguay
24-Jun-19Group CEcuadorJapan

Copa America 2019 Qualifiers Matches Table

28/06/201901:30Sieger Gruppe ADritter B / Dritter C-:-
20:00Zweiter Gruppe AZweiter Gruppe B-:-
29/06/201900:00Sieger Gruppe BZweiter Gruppe C-:-
20:00Sieger Gruppe CDritter A / Dritter B-:-
03/07/201901:30Sieger VF 1Sieger VF 2-:-
04/07/201901:30Sieger VF 3Sieger VF 4-:-
Third place
06/07/201920:00Verlierer HF 1Verlierer HF 2-:-
07/07/201921:00Sieger HF 1Sieger HF 2-:-

Copa America 2019 Qualifiers Results

copa america 2019 brasil Qualifiers Results

The Selecao, who have won all their games since being eliminated from the 2018 FIFA World Cup, was one of three seeded teams in the draw, along with Argentina and Uruguay.

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