World Cup 2018: All Information About How to Buy Tickets for Russia and how much will they cost?

The 2017-18 season will be followed by the biggest event in football: the FIFA World Cup, which will be hosted by Russia this summer. Qualification for the tournament is now complete, the groups have been drawn , and thetraining camps have been confirmed. FIFA have now revealed that a total of 1,698,049 tickets have been allocated since the start of ticket sales in September 2017, with the last-minute sales phase set to commence on April 18.

When will the tickets go on sale?

Well, actually, they have already been on sale. The first wave of tickets for the 2018 World Cup in Russia went on sale on September 14 – but the second stage of this first phase will begin today, so November 16.

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How will the tickets be divvied up?

The tickets will be sold in two phases, the first of which has an application period which started on September 14 and ran until October 12.

Fans can apply for individual match tickets, tickets for a specific venue or ticket strips to follow the national team of their choice in this phase. Applications for tickets can only be made on the Fifa website. 

FIFA World Cup 2018 Ticket Prices

World Cup tickets costThe FIFA World Cup Fever is On! and if you are planning to enjoy the world cup matches then this page is worth reading. Here you can get the details about Ticket Prices of all the matches for all the categories of seats. The Price for Category 1 to Category 3 is in USD ($) while the price for Category 4 is in Russian Ruble (RUB) as the Category 4 tickets are reserved for Russian residents only.

StageCategory 1 ($)Category 2 ($)Category 3 ($)Category 4(RUB)
Opening Match (Match No.1)5503902203200
Group Stage (Match No.2 to 48)2101651051280
Round of 16 (Match No. 49 to 56)2451851152240
Quarter Finals (Match No.57 to 60)3652551753800
Semi-Finals (Match No. 61 to 62)7504802854480
3rd Place Match (Match No. 63)3652551753800
Final (Match No.64)11007104557040

Fans may kindly note that Russia will be a Visa-free regime for the FIFA World Cup 2018, this means that if you have official match ticket then you can get your Fan ID to enter Russia without any visa. It may take 3 days for you to get a Fan ID so keep a margin for that.

Payment Method

FIFA has partnered with VISA for collecting the payment of tickets. However, fans can use other accepted payment cards and Bank Transfer to purchase the tickets.

How to apply for 2018 FIFA World Cup Tickets

First, you need to visit and create a user account if you don’t have one by providing personal details. Then click the link “Apply for Tickets” and select the ticket as per your individual choice. Finally, you will receive an email from FIFA World Cup Ticketing Centre regarding confirmation of your ticket booking.

Age Limit

A user must be at least 18 years old at the time of application for Tickets.

Ticket Delivery

The tickets will be delivered by the courier to the address mentioned during the application. However, the tickets purchased after April 3, 2018, and last minute purchase will not be delivered.

If due to any reason ticket is not delivered to you then the ticketing agency will email you with instructions regarding from where and when you can collect your tickets.

Will World Cup tickets be on re-sale?

Many fans are in doubt regarding whether they can sell or resell or auction their 2018 FIFA World Cup to someone else? So today let’s know more about this.

The simple answer is No, you can’t sell, offer for sale, auction, donate or act as a commercial ticketing agent for another party in any way without specific prior written consent of FIFA and more importantly as the world cup is in Russia, as per Russian Laws, transferring or reselling your 2018 World Cup ticket without FIFA’s consent is considered as an administrative offense.

No – tickets will be available exclusively through The only way to transfer or resell tickets is with the written consent of FIFA, who will publish a Ticket Transfer and Resale Policy when sales begin.

In short, if you buy tickets anywhere other than you are risking those tickets either being counterfeit or cancelled by FIFA with no refund.

Then how can you resell your tickets?

If you want to resell your tickets then you need to submit the tickets for resale to another Fan via the Official Resale Platform which will be made available by FIFA in 2018 near to the tournament dates.

The ticket transfer and resales are governed by FIFA and based on the reasons such as fair pricing, curbing counterfeit tickets, consumer protection, and event security. The complete ticket resale policy will be made available by FIFA in due course of time.

What do World Cup tickets look like?

What do World Cup tickets look like

Payment Options for purchasing tickets for 2018 FIFA World Cup

The biggest event in footballing world is approaching fast and many fans want to enjoy the matches from a very close distance and are looking to buy tickets to watch the matches of 2018 FIFA World Cup, However as the fans are from different parts of the world it sometimes becomes somewhat difficult for them to pay with their common payment method, so in this page lets see what are the payment methods by which you can purchase tickets for 2018 FIFA World Cup.

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For Russia Residents
1. Visa Cards
2. Other accepted payment cards
3. Bank Transfers

For Non-Russia Residents
1. Visa Cards
2. Other accepted payment cards
3. International bank transfers will be possible for non-Russian Residents, using a downloadable Ticket Application Form

Please, note that the above payment methods are valid for Random Draw and First Come First Serve Sales Phases which will last till 03.04.2018.

Customer Care service for Ticketing for 2018 FIFA World Cup

If you also need any help or wants to know more about the tickets that you have purchased or plan to purchase you can know more by the following methods:

IVR and Call Centre

Fans can contact through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for automated information after entries their ticket ID to know about the status, if in case one needs further clarification or wants to speak to an operator then there are options for that also on the IVR. The telephone numbers for IVR are:

Russian Residents: 8 495 787 2018
Resident of any other country: + 41 44 563 2018

Web Contact Form

Alternatively, you can visit the ticketing section on the official world cup website i.e. FIFA.Com/tickets and there you can submit your query by providing name, email and subject information to get a timely response.

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Special Access Tickets (SATs) for 2018 FIFA World Cup

For Specially-abled or people with limited mobility, there will be special access tickets that they can obtain in order to enjoy the 2018 FIFA World Cup. These tickets are divided into 4 categories i.e. Wheelchair User, Easy Access Standard, Easy Access Amenity and Obese Persons. The prices of SATs for international fans will be of Category 3 and for Russian residents for Category 4. Below are the details of each category for Special Access Tickets.

Wheelchair UserFor wheelchair usersClear area large enough to accommodate awheelchair
Easy Access StandardFor disabled people, people with limited mobility andpeople with other medical conditionsAisle seat with no or minimal stepped access
Easy Access AmenityFor people with guide dogs or people with a medicalcondition with assistance dogs and people that needadditional leg space due to limited mobilityEasy access seat with additional clear space in front
Obese PersonsFor people with a BMI that is equal to or exceeds35 kg/m2Easy access extra-width seat with greater loadcarrying capacity

For the three SAT categories i.e. Wheelchair User, Easy Access Standard and Easy Access Amenity all ticket applicants will get an option for one complimentary ticket for a companion, the ticket for the companion will be free of charge.

How the Eligibility will be decided for SATs?

For Wheelchair User, Easy Access Standard and Easy Access Amentiy Tickets, the applicant can present the widely accepted proof of disability from his/her country of residence. For Obese Person a certificate signed by Doctor testifying that the applicants BMI is 35kg/m2.

How to apply for 2018 FIFA World Cup Tickets

If you are interested in watching the 2018 FIFA World Cup right from stadium then you need to have a ticket. So, today let’s see how one can apply and get the ticket for FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia.

The first thing you need to know is that the only exclusive online ticketing sales platform for general fans is the official ticketing website for 2018 FIFA World Cup i.e. However, during the last minute sales phase of tickets, one can also buy the tickets over the counters at FVTCs (FIFA Venue Ticket Centres) present in each host city in Russia.

Tickets obtained from any other sources will not be accepted and will be automatically cancelled and the ticket holder will not be entitled to any compensation on this ground.

Steps of Online Application for purchasing 2018 World Cup Ticket

  1. Go to the official website i.e.
  2. You need to create an account in the ticketing section of the website if you don’t have one already.
  3. Select among the options to apply for either individual match tickets, Venue Series Tickets or Team Specific Tickets.
  4. Select the number of tickets you wish to buy.
  5. Enter and register the details of applicant and other guests if more than one ticket is purchased.
  6. Enter payment details using your preferred mode of payment among the given options.
  7. Finally, submit your application.

What are the details required of ticket applicant and Guests?

The ticket applicant needs to enter the Title, First Name, Middle Name, Full Surname, Date of Birth, Nationality, Passport or ID number, Country of Residence, Home address and delivery address (if both are different), Contact Details and preferred language.

Can you cancel your FIFA World Cup 2018 ticket and return it to FIFA?

If you have planned to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 matches and have booked the ticket for the same, but for any reason, you want to cancel the ticket then we would like to tell you that the sales of the Tickets are Final and not possible to return to FIFA. However, you can you can put up all the tickets up for resale on the official FIFA Ticket Transfer and Resale Platform, but there is no guarantee that the ticket will be resold as there are certain terms and conditions for resale.

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