Women’s World Cup player payments will be distributed by federations

FIFA President Gianni Infantino could not give any guarantees that member federations would keep the promised $30,000 paid to each player at the Women's World Cup.

Gianni Infantino told a press conference before the opening of the tournament that he was in talks with the member federations on the issue.

According to FIFA, the payments are made to the individual federations, which are expected to pay the players.

But in FIFA there is no system of giving money directly to the players.

FIFA had earlier confirmed that each of the 732 players taking part in the World Cup would be paid at least $30,000.

FIFA confirmed that if the teams perform well, the salaries increase, with each player on the winning team earning $270,000.

The worldwide average annual salary for women playing professionally in FIFA is $14,000.

According to the FIFA agreement, half of the total prize money of $110 million of the World Cup will be given to the players of the 32 teams.