Why Megan Rapinoe says USWNT 'is exactly where we want to be

The USWNT can advance to the knockout rounds with a win or a tie at Portugal on Tuesday.

The USWNT would lose or win the World Cup title four more times.

The pressure, the anxiety, the realization that a loss to the USWNT would forever change how people viewed this team.

"It's a pressure moment and the tournament is like that now. Every game from here on is a pressure moment and that's the best part of being at the World Cup," Rapinoe said on Sunday. 

"I think it's something that always goes down through generations of this team," Rapinoe said.

According to Rapinoe "we go into these moments like, 'Yeah! This is exactly where we want to be.'

The USWNT are currently on top of Group E on the basis of their plus-3 goal difference.

Sweden's dominance in the tournament has increased once again after beating Italy 5-0 on Saturday night.