USWNT barely advance to knockout stage

The United States played a scoreless draw against Portugal.

For the first time in a World Cup, a win or a tie was needed to avoid being knocked out in the group stage.

The tie was enough for the USWNT to finish second in Group E and advance.

The USWNT are likely to face old rivals Sweden in the Round of 16 at the World Cup.

In this match, Portugal's Ana Capeta launched a corker that hit the post at the start of stoppage time in the second half.

When the fire alarm went off at the start of the second half, it seemed like a metaphor for this USWNT squad.

With a 0-0 draw against Portugal, the Americans advanced to the knockout stage of the World Cup.

The USWNT's next opponent will not be determined until Wednesday morning, but it is likely to be Team Sweden.