This advice was given to Tilak on debut, then Hardik Pandya cried before the match!

The T20 series between India and West Indies has started.

Indian young cricketer Tilak Verma made his debut in the first match of this series.

Tilak Verma was given the cap by Indian captain Hardik Pandya while making his debut in this match.

And after that Hardik Pandya motivated Tilak Verma.

Hardik said that 'dreams are woven like this. He has come here by working hard. Do not do anything different. If he does the same thing then he will go further in life. Good luck. Be proud of yourself.

Before the start of this match, when both the teams stood for the National Anthem.

Then tears welled up in Hardik Pandya's eyes and he was seen wiping his eyes.

This photo of Hardik Pandya went viral and everyone expressed pride on Hardik.