Sophia Smith shines on debut in Women's World Cup

After a disappointing performance in the Olympics, Sophia Smith made a stellar performance in the Women's World Cup.

Sofia was named US Soccer Player of the Year in 2022 after leading the national team in scoring with 11 goals.

Smith is now one of 14 players on the US national team playing in the Women's World Cup. 

Sofia made her tournament debut with two goals and an assist in the Americans' 3–0 victory over Vietnam.

In a touching moment after the win, Sophia Smith's father presented her with the Player of the Match award.

Teammate Alex Morgan posted a photo of Smith on Twitter with the caption: "She's that girl. Great team win."

At just 22 years old, Smith became the youngest American player to score multiple goals in a World Cup game.

Smith said, "I remember being obviously hurt and disappointed, but I think it took me a very quick day to get over it.