Security of players in danger before Asia Cup 2023

Asia Cup 2023 will be held from 30 August 2023 to 17 September 2023.

This time the matches of Asia Cup 2023 will be played in Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Six teams will participate in the Asia Cup 2023.

Before the Asia Cup 2023, a serious issue has arisen on the security of the players.

9 matches of Asia Cup 2023 will be played in Sri Lanka and only 4 matches in Pakistan.

The security of these teams is in the hands of the Pakistan Cricket Board and the Sri Lankan Cricket Board.

Lanka Premier League is currently being organized in Sri Lanka and during a match of this tournament suddenly a snake came out on the ground.

This snake was very close to the player. However, no player was harmed.

After making this mistake by the Sri Lanka Cricket Board, all the players are raising the issue of safety.