Ronda Rousey says 'I got no reason to stay' in WWE

The former UFC star and three-time Women's Champion revealed that her WWE career is coming to an end.

Ronda Rousey fueled speculation about whether her WWE career may be coming to an end in an Instagram post on Monday.

On Saturday at SummerSlam, Rousey was defeated by Shayna Baszler in an MMA Rules match.

The feud ended when Baszler was able to pass out Rousey.

Some reports suggested that Rousey would take a break or leave WWE after the match, which Rousey confirmed in a post directed at Baszler.

Rousey posted on Instagram, "@qosbaszler you were the reason I got into this business.

"The Baddest Woman on the Planet" has won the SmackDown Women's Championship twice and the Raw Women's Championship once.

He has also criticized the scripted nature of WWE, calling it fake.