Rodgers shreds 'insecure' Sean Payton for comments about Jets OC

The feud between Sean Payton and the New York Jets has escalated even more.

Nathaniel Hackett's champion warned that Payton should "keep my coach's name out of his mouth.

Payton specifically broke down the job Hackett did as Broncos coach last season.

Rodgers spoke about the issue during an interview with NFL 2 Network after New York's practice on Sunday.

Rogers said that "Yeah, I love Nathaniel Hackett and those comments were pretty amazing, one coach doing that to another coach."

Rogers said that "I thought it was out of line, unfair, and I think he needs to keep my coach's name out of his mouth."

Rodgers continued, "My love for the Hack runs deep, you know, some of the best years we had together in Green Bay."

In January 2023, the Jets hired Hackett as offensive coordinator.