Megan Rapinoe leaves a lasting legacy on and off the pitch

Few New Zealand athletes have had moments like Megan Rapinoe.

Without it, the US women would not have had their fourth World Cup title, nor the gold (London) and bronze (Tokyo) medals at the Olympics.

What Rapinoe has done off the field has turned the athlete into an icon.

The impact of Rapinoe's work will live long after her retirement.

Rapinoe explained that "for me and for this team, it's always been a feeling to leave everything better than where it was found."

According to Rapinoe “We have undoubtedly changed the game and been a part of these multi-movements that are all happening at the same time and have left the world a better place.

Rapinoe said that "I think a lot of credit should be given to female athletes for what we fought for."