Marlins third base coach Jody Reed broke his leg after being hit by a line drive foul ball.

Miami Marlins third base coach Jody Reed ejected in the third inning of Miami's 6-4 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals on Wednesday.

Jody Reed was hit in his lower right leg by a foul line drive by Marlins outfielder Jesus Sanchez.

Marlins manager Skip Shoemaker said that X-rays confirmed that Reid had a fractured foot.

"I'm pretty sure he broke his leg," Shoemaker said during the press conference.

Shumaker said that Reed's X-ray was done and the doctor said it's broken, so we'll see how long he's out, unfortunately."

Marlins quality control coach Griffin Benedict replaced Reed at third base during the game.

But it is not yet clear whether Benedict will take over the role in Reed's absence.

Reed hit .270 with 27 homers and 392 RBIs over his 11-year playing career.