Lindsey Horan's goal helps USA draw 1-1 with Netherlands

Lindsay Horan scores key goal to keep Americans unbeaten at Women's World Cup.

Horan scored a revenge goal a few minutes later after being fouled by Daniel van de Donk in the second half.

The United States were helped by a 1-1 draw with the Netherlands on Thursday at the Women's World Cup.

The Dutch surprised the Americans in the first half with a goal by Jill Roord.

After that, the United States needed goals from Horan to remain unbeaten in 19 consecutive matches.

In the 62nd minute, Horan's header from Rose Lavelle's corner kick saw a goal.

She was furious after Horan was thrown off her feet.

Horan said that "Dan is the type of player that when she is on my team, it is incredible because she fights until the last second to win games.