Indian badminton star Satwik Sairaj created Guinness World Record, smashes at a speed of 565 kmph

India's star player Satwik has created a world record by hitting a smash at a speed of 565 kmph.

Satwik Sairaj has created a Guinness World Record for the fastest 'hit' by a male player in Badminton.

Satwik broke the more than a decade-old record of 493 kmph set by Malaysia's Tan Boon Heong in 2013.

Satwik's smash was faster than the fastest speed of 372.6 kmph achieved by a Formula One car.

Satwik Sairaj made this record on 14 April 2023, after which it was confirmed by the judges of Guinness World Records.

Satwik did this smash at the Yonex Factory Gymnasium in Soka, Saitama, Japan.

Satwik Sairaj had recently won the Indonesia Open Super 1000 title with Chirag Shetty.