ESPN's Pat McAfee apologizes

On Monday, Pat McAfee took time on his show to address his recent controversial post.

The show referenced former incarcerated Michigan State and USA Gymnastics sports doctor Larry Nassar.

McAfee's original post on X was in response to a photo of Michigan State's neon football jerseys.

In this post, McAfee said, "Nassar was actually on the design team."

McAfee apologized in a video posted on Monday.

In a retweet, McAfee said, "I am currently under all-out attack for tying a terrible thing at a school to the worst thing at a friend's school, cursing a friend."

McAfee apologized, saying "I apologize if some people took it the other way and then spun it into their story to offend other people and that's all."

ESPN's McAfee reiterated his post, indicating that the Michigan State fan base is trying to downplay the story.