Cleveland Browns cut DT Perrion Winfrey after report of altercation

Just days before the veterans reported to training camp, another off-the-field incident came to light.

Following the incident, the Cleveland Browns released second-year defensive tackle Perianne Winfrey.

According to a police report obtained by the Akron Beacon-Journal, Winfrey is listed as a suspect in an aggravated robbery incident in downtown Cleveland.

The woman claimed on Wednesday that Winfrey threatened her with a gun on Tuesday evening.

The woman recounted the incident saying that she and a friend knew Winfrey and called her name when they saw her in the hotel lobby.

The woman claimed that Winfrey gradually became angrier and followed the two women outside the hotel. 

Frightened, the woman started recording on her phone, prompting Winfrey to pick up the phone.

Winfrey was earlier arrested in Texas in April and charged with a misdemeanor.

That case was dismissed on June 9, 2023 after the pre-trial diversion program was completed.