Cardinals starter suspended 5 games for intentionally hitting Cubs batter

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Miles Mikolas sends a message to Chicago Cubs outfielder Ian Happ at the plate.

Mikolas has been suspended five games for intentionally hitting Happ during the Cardinals' 10-3 loss to the Cubs on Thursday night in St. Louis, Michael Hill announced Friday.

This whole incident happened at the top of the first innings.

Happ swung a slider off Mikolas and hit Cardinals catcher Wilson Contreras in the head with his follow-through.

Contreras was out of the game bleeding from a blow to his head and was replaced by catcher Andrew Nizner.

On the next pitch, Mikolas threw a four-seam fastball up and inside at Happ that forced the Cubs outfielder out of the way.

Mikolas hit Happ on his back with a 94 mph fastball.

Happ was then given first base and Mikolas was thrown out of the game.

Mikolas only faced three batters on the night and took the loss, after which he is appealing his suspension.