10-year-old Reese Nelson becomes youngest person to win X Games medal

The crowd witnessed a new history at X Games California 2023.

Canada's 10-year-old Reese Nelson earned silver in the Pacifico Women's Skateboard Vert.

10-year-old Reese Nelson of Canada became the youngest person to win a medal at the X Games.

Nelson said, “It felt really good to win a medal. I really wanted to get my lines." "So it felt really good."

Nelson was on top until the final round against 13-year-old Australian Arisa Trew.

Trew completed a flawless run by scoring 720, becoming the first woman to do so in X Games history.

Trew earned the gold medal with a score of 90.33.

Even though Nelson did not win a gold medal in her first X Games, the event was a success and she became the youngest person to win an X Games medal.