Top 10 WWE Female Wrestlers In The World 2023

WWE Female Wrestlers

Top 10 WWE Female Wrestlers: Throughout WWE history, many amazing WWE female wrestlers have made their mark on the company. Over the years female talent has increased exponentially, to the point where women are currently experiencing their best moment in wrestling history. That said, it is normal for most of the best female wrestlers of all time are still active today.

The WWE has enjoyed a very great history of women’s wrestlers, and while many believe they are better now than ever before, many of today’s best wrestlers are not as highly regarded as others from history. Charlotte Flair is widely considered the GOAT of the women’s division, but even she doesn’t hit the best 15 women’s wrestlers in WWE history. This list includes former champions and several women who have since left WWE for greener pastures.

Top 10 WWE Female Wrestlers In The World

10. Carmella

Carmella – WWE Female Wrestlers
  1. Name: Leah Van Dale
  2. Birth Date: 23rd Oct 1987
  3. Born Place: Spencer, Massachusetts, U.S
  4. Occupation: Model, Wrestler, Dancer

Carmella who belongs from Massachusetts, U.S she is a professional wrestler who signed to WWE, but she is not only a wrestler but also a dancer, model, and actress. She is also a fitness instructor who guides the female player and her income is  $260,000.

She has done a little hard work and in the year 2018, she became the first woman in WWE history to successfully cash in her Money in the Bank opportunity. Not only in this but she has also won many titles and awards in her wrestling career.

9. Nia Jax

Nia Jax
  1. Name: Nia Jax
  2. Birth Date: 29th May 1984
  3. Born Place: New South Wales, Australia
  4. Occupation: Wrestler

Nia Jax is an Australian professional wrestler who is always best known for his WWE, her name under ring name is Nia Jax. She has also won Raw’s Women Championship, whereas she is always working hard and giving her best in rings.

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She always comes confident and hard enough and gives a tough competition, to their opposite partner. Not only this but she makes her best in each tournament.

8. Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey
  1. Name: Ronda Rousey
  2. Birth Date: 1st May 1987
  3. Born Place: Riverside, California, U.S
  4. Occupation: Wrestler

Rousey won the Royal Rumble and twice won the Smackdown Women’s title so why is she so low? Well, pro wrestling is about more than wins and losses. Her character hasn’t connected with the fans like it did during her first run, and she’s a bit of an afterthought when she should be one of the biggest stars in the industry.

7. Natalya

natalya neidhart
  1. Name: Natalie Katherine Neidhart
  2. Birth Date: 27th May 1982
  3. Born Place: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  4. Occupation: Wrestler

Natalya is a Canadian-American professional wrestler, who is currently signed for WWE she performs on the SmackDown brand. She is one of the most beautiful wrestlers and she is the first third general professional wrestler in the world.

WWE pays her $300,000 because she is very much capable of it, also she is the first woman to hold both the WWE Divas Championship.

6. Bayley

Top 10 WWE Female Wrestlers In The World 2023 1
  1. Name: Pamela Rose Martinez
  2. Birth Date: 15th June 1989
  3. Born Place: San Jose, California, U.S
  4. Occupation: Wrestler and Producer

Bayley might not have won the title matches she’s competed in against Bianca Belair, but she has been a major presence on Raw since her Summerslam return alongside now-Damage CTRL teammates Dakota Kai and IYO SKY. Following her appearance in WarGames, a feud with Becky Lynch has kicked off.

Martinez made a good income from the wrestler, where she earns around $350,000, and not only from this her other source of income is also from producer and everything. In her wrestling career, she has won many awards and titles.

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5. Asuka

  1. Name: Kanako Urai
  2. Birth Date: 26th Sep 1981
  3. Born Place: Osaka, Japan
  4. Occupation: Wrestler

Asuka is a Japanese professional wrestler who currently signed for WWE, is also a free agent performing under the name Asuka. Due to the pandemic situation, she has been a little inactive and involved in other kinds of activities but soon she will be active.

She is one of the most talented wrestlers who has earned $350,00 from WWE, Asuka has also won so many titles and awards in her wrestling career.

4. Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks - WWE Female Wrestlers
  1. Name: Sasha Banks
  2. Birth Date: 26th Jan 1992
  3. Born Place: California, U.S
  4. Occupation: Actress, wrestler

Sasha Bank is an American professional wrestler who is currently signed for WWE, she is one of the most independent circuits. Banks have also won the Chaotic Wrestling Championship, not only this in the year 2015 she was the first iron woman match to ever headline an NXT take over.

In the year 2020, she was named Wrestler of the year, and not only this she has won many titles and tournaments in her life. Being such a great player she has an income of $250,000.

Again, like her fellow horsewoman, Sasha would be far higher if it were not for her walk out alongside Naomi prior to the May 16th edition of Raw. The pair had been WWE Women’s tag team champions, having won the belts at WrestleMania. It seems likely 2022 will be the last year of The Boss in WWE.

3. Aliyah – Nhooph Al-Areebi

Aliyah WWE pics
  1. Name: Aliyah (Nhooph Al-Areebi)
  2. Birth Date: November 23, 1994
  3. Born Place: Toronto, Canada
  4. Occupation: Professional Wrestler

Nhooph Al-Areebi also known as Aliyah (born November 23, 1994) is a professional wrestler. She is currently signed to WWE, where she performs at SmackDown by the name Aliyah. She is a former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion.

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She holds the record for the fastest victory in WWE history at 3.17 seconds. Al-Areebi is the first female Arab-Canadian wrestler to win a championship for WWE.

2. Liv Morgan

liv morgan pics
  1. Name: Gionna Jene Daddio
  2. Birth Date: June 8, 1994
  3. Born Place: Morristown, New Jersey, U.S
  4. Occupation: Wrestler and Actress

Gionna Jene Daddio is a professional wrestler and actress from America. She is currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainiment (WWE), where she performs in Smack-Down by the stage name Liv Morgan.

Morgan made her very first appearance in video game as a playable character in WWE 2K19, and later appeared in WWE 2K Battlegrounds, WWE 2K20, and WWE 2K22.

In June Last year (2022), it was announced that Morgan will make movie debut in The Kill Room, starring alongside Samuel L. Jackson, Maya Hawke and Uma Thurman. In October same year, it was confirmed that Morgan will make a small appearance on the sequeal of Chucky.

1. Alexis Bliss

Aliexis Bliss WWE pics
  1. Name: Alexis Cabrera
  2. Birth Date: August 9, 1991
  3. Born Place: Columbus, Ohio, U.S.
  4. Occupation: Wrestler and Actress

According to Alexis Bliss is the most beautiful WWE Female Wrestlers. Alexis Cabrera  is a professional wrestlerfrom United States. She is currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment, where she performs in RAW by the name Alexa Bliss.

 Bliss has also appeared in many gaming videos as a playable character such as WWE 2K17,WWE 2K18, WWE 2K Battlegrounds, and WWE 2K22.

Bliss has also worked in many movies and TV shows such as “Total Divas”, an American TV reality show, “Punkey Brewster” and “Walk the Prank”, an American TV Comedy Show.

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