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Top 10 Best Football Agents In The World

Top 10 Best Football Agents In The World 1

Football players are hailed as Hollywood stars. Football is the world’s most popular sport. In an effort to achieve similar fame, young people take up the sport after being deeply influenced by footballers. As a result, future football superstars are cultivated. They need more than talent to succeed in this sport; they need an agent as well. Below are 2021’s best football agents.

Best Football Agents – 2021 Ranking

Talents of this sort must be spotted at a young age, but the experience is needed to establish a bond between the player and the team. It is possible that some more experienced players earn commissions by securing top players’ spots in prestigious clubs. In this article, we discuss the ten top football agents in the world.

10. Barry Silkman

Top 10 Best Football Agents In The World 2

The top football brokers in the world, such as Barry Silkman, made a huge fortune by brokering players’ transfers between some of the world’s most prestigious clubs. He played football from 1989-1998.

Then, after retiring from playing on the field, he turned his passion into a serious business off the field. After a moderately successful career as a player, he later managed teams in the 1990s, but what has earned him millions is his current career.

David Villa, Demba Ba, and Ravel Morrison are just a few of the clients that the 61-year-old superstar football agent currently represents.

The tenth best football agent in the world, he possesses an ongoing portfolio of super players.

9. Cezary Kucharski

Top 10 Best Football Agents In The World 3

Most great agents are trying their best to attract talented players from their own native countries, as can be seen in the footballing world. Since they have a great network of contacts in their home countries, the concept of affection towards their own homeland makes perfect sense.

There are many football agents who supply great Polish talent, and one of them is Cezary Kucharski. Using the best talent from his own country, he has been showcasing them through his own brand in recent years.

In addition to Robert Lewandowski and Jakub Blaszcykowski, Kucharski currently has clients such as Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski.

As a result, he ranked ninth on our list of the top 10 football agents. He played sports actively from 2007 to 2009, in addition to his work as an agent.

8. Jerome Anderson

Top 10 Best Football Agents In The World 4

The name of Jerome Anderson became synonymous with the best football agents in England. While representing some of the best players ever to participate in the English Premier League, he achieved great success.

In addition to being a football agent, he is also a banker. Arsenal has been associated with Jerome Anderson for a long time. During the 21st century, he provided some of the best talents the club has ever seen.

Our 10 best football agents in the world list includes Anderson’s portfolio of players such as Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams, and Ian Wright.

The association between him and Manchester City generated a lot of media buzz. Although he has clients such as Kieran Gibbs, Axel Witsel, and John Obi Mikel, he maintains a strong reputation around the world.

7. Tim Hager

Top 10 Best Football Agents In The World 5

Despite being a relatively unknown agent, Tim Hager showed incredible courage by representing some of the most promising young players in the football industry.

A few years down the road, he expects to be the best player in the world with the young talents from France. Tim Hager sits in the seventh spot on our list of the top 10 best football agents in the world, thanks to clients such as Yann M’Vila, Mamadou Sakho, and Antoine Griezmann.

It is still the case that most of his clients play in the French league. However, he is also in constant contact with several other clubs throughout the world.

As part of his agent career, he is also reported to have completed a high-profile transfer to Spanish club Atlético Madrid.

6. Pini Zahavi

Top 10 Best Football Agents In The World 6

For English club Chelsea, Pini Zahavi made sure to put together the strongest possible team. Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire who bought the club in 2003, has continued to do this ever since.

He eventually joined the billionaire’s inner circle. His name became synonymous with being a magnificently wealthy agent around the world.

In addition to his player supplying business, Zahavi negotiates contracts for Chelsea’s top players during the initial two-year period following the transfer.

As well as recent club purchases, he played a major role. As the first celebrity agent in the soccer business, he marked his name with his extensive network in the football industry. Pini Zahavi’s clients include Carlos Tevez and Rio Ferdinand, placing him sixth in our ranking of the ten best football agents worldwide.

5. Mino Raiola

Top 10 Best Football Agents In The World 7

During his time as an agent, Mino Raiola established his players into football brands in their own right. In addition, he repeatedly transferred them between superclubs.

In the process, he made a fortune. Edinson Cavani, Mario Balotelli, and Etienne Capoue are among the clients of Mino Raiola currently.

Paul Pogba is also under his control, and he occupies the fifth spot in our list of the top football agents. The majority of Raiola’s fortune came from being the agent of his elite member Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Raiola earned a great deal of money when Zlatan transferred from premium clubs to the MLS, earning Raiola a great deal of money.

4. Jonathan Barnett

Top 10 Best Football Agents In The World 8

Jonathan Barnett represents a wide variety of athletes including footballers and boxers. Representative of World Boxing Hall of Famer Lennox Lewis. “Tapping-up” was a relationship between Barnett and Ashley Cole in 2005.

London club Chelsea reported Barnett and Cole for illegal negotiations. They also did so without his former club Arsenal’s permission, which violated his contract clauses.

Following the incident, he effectively hid from public view. The agent industry, however, does not see him as a silent preacher.

Our list of 10 best football agents in the world includes clients like Wojciech Szczesny and Joe Hart, Ashley Cole, Darren Bent, and Gareth Bale. Barnett made a fortune, alone, from Bale’s record transfer to Real Madrid.

3. Pere Guardiola

Top 10 Best Football Agents In The World 9

Pepe Guardiola is not only a well-known football agent, but he also has a very important position in the football sector. He is the brother of Bayern Munich’s manager Pep Guardiola.​​

Families with legendary players and managers can be a big help. Nevertheless, Pere Guardiola became one of the most competent agents in the field. The Uruguayan he recently sold to Barcelona, the world’s richest football club, made most of his fortune.

Yes, Luis Suarez transferred to the legendary Barcelona for $130 million. Guardiola is now rich enough to compete with Hollywood celebrities as the result of the transfer.

As the third-best football agent in the world, Pere Guardiola has clients including Hector Bellerin, Jon Toral, and Isaac Cuenca as well as his crown jewel, Luis Suarez.

2. Paul Stretford

Top 10 Best Football Agents In The World 10

Two years ago, Paul Stretford bet on an Englishman who was just 16 years old at the time. It was surprising, however, that that 16-year-old Englishman ended up turning to Wayne Rooney.

Among the most marketable players in the world, Rooney became a household name. Wayne Rooney’s financial success was largely due to Stretford. In addition, he made money for himself.

Rooney was exclusively transferred to the Manchester Red Devils by Stretford. Additionally, he was instrumental in Everton’s recent transfer of Wayne Rooney. In addition to football legends, he also provided coaches such as Roberto Mancini and Harry Redknapp.

Paul Stretford comes in second on our list of the 10 best football agents in the world thanks to his star-studded portfolio.

1. Jorge Mendes

Top 10 Best Football Agents In The World 11

Jorge Mendes stands out from the rest of the agents on the list due to his enormous contacts in the world of football. His only contact with the ground was as a player.

In spite of that, he has a good grip on the players of his native country. All the elite football talent that comes to and leaves the country is under his wing. It is always Mendes who comes up first when some enormous contracts are needed with Portuguese superstars.

In the footballing business, he has one of the best client setups. His services were sought after by elite clubs as well as players.

Among Jorge Mendes’ clients are Cristiano Ronaldo, James Rodriguez, Radamel Falcao, Angel Di Maria, José Mourinho, and a lot more. He is ranked number one in our list of the top 10 best football agents in the world.


Soccer agents face many challenges. It is essential to have the right amount of experience, observation, and knowledge about the sport. A good agent must be able to judge the players’ potential. In order to offer a stellar presentation and strike the right deal, one must have excellent marketing and negotiation skills. Here are the top 10 best football agents in the world, which we hope you liked.

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