Philippines football
The Philippines national football team (Filipino/Tagalog: Pambansang koponan ng futbol ng Pilipinas) represents the Philippines in international football, governed by Philippine Football Federation and has been playing at the international level since 1913. Prior to World War II, the Philippines had regularly competed with Japan and the Republic of China in the Far Eastern Championship Games. So far, the national team has never qualified for the FIFA World Cup and has qualified for the AFC Asian Cup only once, in 2019. They finished second at the 2014 AFC Challenge Cup after losing to Palestine in the final. Unlike most of Southeast Asia where football is the most popular sport, the Philippines’ most popular sports are basketball and boxing, the result from the American rule. This drives away many football talents and contributes to the lack of success of football in the country. Often, the Philippines only participated in the AFF Championship and finished bottom. However, starting from 2010 AFF Championship, the country has started to develop football as part of the sport’s renaissance, finding more incentives to increase football development and fan support, which eventually led to the country’s first major tournament in the 2019 AFC Asian Cup.


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