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Restaurant Offers Free Food On Every Goal By National Team: FIFA 2022

Restaurant Offers Free Food On Every Goal By US Football Team

Football fans around the world are in high spirits as the 2022 FIFA World Cup kicks off tomorrow, November 20, in Qatar. Excitement is at its peak like never before, especially after the pandemic. It doesn’t matter whether you’re enjoying the game at home or are lucky enough to witness it live, watching the team you’re cheering for score is sure to make you emotional. Now, aside from the thrill the match brings, imagine if you could also get free bonuses during the tournament. This is exactly what the American fast food Restaurant Chipotle imagined.

Restaurant Offers Free Food On Every Goal By US Football Team

American restaurant Chipotle, known for its Mexican cuisine, introduced the “Bowls for Goals” program, whereby every time the US team scores against Qatar, fans will have a chance to grab a Chipotle burrito. , a free taco or salad.

You read it right! Check out the controller’s official tweet here:

Replying to this, US National Men’s Soccer Team added another tweet to the thread:

How does it work?

Well, every time Team America scores, Chipotle will share 5,000 unique codes through their official Twitter account. Fans will then need to copy the code and immediately send it to a designated number. The first 5,000 people to send the message will receive a text message containing a code that can be used to receive free food. Using the “entry code,” one can enter a common Chipotle menu item, such as a burrito, taco, burrito bowl, quesadilla, or salad. Fans can redeem the code when ordering from the Chipotle mobile app.


According to Chipotle, users can start requesting codes as soon as they are shared by the food chain on Twitter. The messaging period will end when all codes have been claimed or when the match is over, whichever comes first.

The FIFA World Cup, the biggest sporting event of the year, opens on November 20. The first match will be between the host country Qatar and Ecuador. A total of 32 teams participated in the tournament divided into 8 groups of four teams each.

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