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Virat Kohli Becomes First Captain to Score Six Double Hundreds, Surpasses Brian Lara

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli on Sunday (December 03) became the first captain to enroll six dual centuries in Test cricket. With it, he extends beyond the record of five heaps as a captain of Brian Lara. Resuming in an overnight score of 156, the landmark was attained by the captain on the afternoon of day two. Kohli, who scored 213 also became the second batsman to score following Vinod Kambli.

Kohli, who now has six double hundreds, has drawn level with Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag as the Indian batsmen with most double centuries. Meanwhile, the right-hander sits joint fifth in the world on most double hundreds list along with Marvan Atapattu, Javed Miandad, Younis Khan, Ricky Ponting and Sachin Tendulkar. The list is topped by Don Bradman (12), followed by Kumar Sangakkara (11), Brian Lara (9), Wally Hammond and Mahela Jayawardene (7).

On day one, Kohli went past 5,000 Test runs and became the fourth fastest Indian batsman after Sunil Gavaskar (95 innings), Virender Sehwag (98) & Sachin Tendulkar (103) to reach the milestone.

Most Double Centuries in Test Cricket

Don Bradman5280699699.94291312
Kumar Sangakkara1342331240057.4385211
Brian Lara1312321195352.8834489
Wally Hammond85140724958.4522247
Mahela Jayawardene1492521181449.8434507
Marvan Atapattu90156550239.0216176
Virender Sehwag104180858649.3423326
Javed Miandad124189883252.5723436
Younis Khan1182131009952.0534336
Ricky Ponting1682871337851.8541626
Sachin Tendulkar2003291592153.7851686
Virat Kohli63105517153.8420146

Batsmen With Consecutive Double Centuries

Wally HammondAustralia251 & 2001928-29
Don BradmanEngland254 & 3341930
Wally HammondNew Zealand227 & 336*1932-33
Don BradmanEngland304 & 2441934
Don BradmanEngland270 & 2121936-37
Vinod KambliEngland & Zimbabwe224 & 2271992-93
Graeme SmithEngland277 & 2592003
Thilan SamaraweeraPakistan231 & 2142009
Brendon McCullumIndia224 & 204 2014
Virat KohliSri Lanka213 & 206*2017

Russia 2018 World Cup Travel Rules For Fans Should Know

Russia 2018 World Cup Travel Rules

Russia is a friendly and fascinating nation, and also also the World Cup should establish a window. They do things differently there, and every enthusiast must arrive with a few cultural and legal consciousness.

Around individuals visited Russia rather than they all stayed out of trouble. With a lot more visitors anticipated during the soccer tournament from 14 June to 15 July, The Independent has gathered official authorities guidance in the official briefings of Australia, Canada, Ireland, the UK (like special World Cup information) along with also the US. Here is what you want to understand.

Red tape

Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of six weeks after the date of your Fan-ID or your visa. You have to signal a migration card, which can be produced in passport control on entering Russia. The card is in two parts. One part will be kept by the immigration officer on arrival. Another part should be kept by you because you’ll want this when you leave Russia. Ensure that you’ve signed your passport before you travel. Some nationals who have not signed their passports are denied entry into .

There are no legal reasons for thieves (including British nationals) to cross the land border between Russia and Belarus. If you are planning on entering Russia by road, you’ll need to take an alternative route through a nation that is different. (UK)

Take your passport with you constantly. Police have the authority to stop people and request identity and travel documents. (US)

Avoiding scams

“Turkey Drop” Scam: An individual “accidentally” drops money on the ground in front of an intended victim, while an accomplice either waits for the money to be picked up, or picks up the money him/herself and offers to split it with the pedestrian. Then the victim is accused of stealing the money. Do not pick up the money. Walk quickly away from the scene.

Airport Scam: A con artist asks you to watch his bag, then extorts money or other valuables to avoid hassle with the police. Never agree to watch a bag that belongs to a stranger. (US)

Exercise extreme caution in crowds and open markets. Criminals use various techniques to distract the victims, including by distracting their victims with requests for help. In such situations, walk away quickly. (UK)

Anything to declare?

But, Russian border officials can need to inspect any digital device (including installed applications) on passing.

If your medications contain barbiturate, codeine, sibutramine, anabolic steroids, androgens and other sexual hormones, analgesic (tramadol), psychostimulants or other restricted substances, you must present a doctor’s letter confirming the demand for each medication to authorities once you arrive in Russia. A notarised translation into Russian is required. (Australia)

You can be detained for trying to leave the country with antiques, even when they had been purchased from vendors. Things like art, icons, samovars, rugs decorations and antiques, have to have certificates indicating that they don’t have cultural or historical value. You will obtain certificates in the Russian Ministry of Culture. (US)

The law

Frequently, criminal gangs collude with the local police and operate with near impunity. Foreigners have become victims of harassment, mistreatment, and extortion by law-enforcement and other officials. Police do not need to show probable cause in order to stop, question, or detain individuals.

Do not pick up hitchhikers. You may be assaulted or arrested for unwittingly transporting narcotics. (US)

Traffic police may stop motorists to collect fraudulent cash fines on the spot. (Canada)

Drink aware

Alcohol won’t be available at stadium during matches. The sale and consumption of alcohol in glass containers will be banned on the evening and day of matches in certain locations in host cities. The sale of alcohol from shops is restricted, typically from 11pm to 8am. (UK)

You can be jailed immediately for driving under the influence of alcohol. (US)

Money matters

It is illegal to pay directly for general transactions with dollars or euros. (UK) Only change money at banks, hotels and recognised exchange kiosks. You will need to show your passport and visa to change money. It is an offence to change money from street traders. (Ireland)


The European Health Insurance card (EHIC) is not legal in Russia, therefore travel insurance is crucial. (UK) There is. The air quality in regions near fires influence travellers and may deteriorate as a result of heavy smoke. (Canada) Don’t see piercing solutions or parlours as a result of probability of hepatitis and HIV infection. (US) Bottled mineral water is accessible although tap water isn’t drinkable throughout the Russian Federation. (Ireland)

Accessibility advice

Getting around in Russia is often difficult for persons with mobility issues. Many sidewalks are narrow and uneven. Crossing streets in large cities can be difficult, since it usually requires the use of a pedestrian underpass which includes stairs, steep ramps, and no elevators. Mobility is usually easier in major cities such as Moscow and St Petersburg [but the] Metro is generally not accessible to persons with disabilities. Public transportation is not accommodating to people with disabilities. (US)

Gay news

Homosexuality is legal in Russia, but there is still intolerance among some sections of the population. Be careful about public displays of affection.

In June 2013 a law banning the promotion of “non-traditional sexual relations” entered into force, but the definition and scope of prohibited activity is vague. Foreign nationals convicted under this law could face arrest and detention, fines and deportation. (UK)

Violence against the LGBTI community has increased sharply since the law banning propaganda was passed, including entrapment and torture of young gay men by neo-Nazi gangs and the murder of multiple individuals due to their sexual orientation. (US)


Harassment and assaults are prevalent, particularly against foreigners of Asian and African descent. Some victims have died. (Canada)

Racially motivated assaults occur throughout Russia. Attacks are often perpetrated by skinhead groups or ultra-nationalists. There have been several large rallies by nationalists and neo-Nazis to protest against the presence of foreigners (particularly people from Africa, Central Asia and the Caucasus region) in Russia. Take extra care if you or your travel partner(s) are of Asian or African descent. (Australia)

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, entry (exit) of foreign citizens and stateless persons arriving in Russia as spectators for sports events within the framework of the FIFA 2018 World Cup (will be held from June 14 to July 15, 2018 in the cities of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Saransk, Volgograd), is carried out without issued Russian visas.

However, in order to be admitted to Russia foreign citizens/stateless persons must have a valid identity document (“tourist” passport) and a “Personalized card of the spectator” (also known as a “Fan ID”).

Information on the procedure for obtaining a Fan ID can be found on the websites of the organizers of the above sports events at: and

Fifa World Cup 2018 Teams: The Complete List Of Who Has Qualified For Russia

Fifa World Cup 2018 Teams

Fifa World Cup 2018 Teams: World Cup qualifying is over, and all 31 countries who will join hosts in Russia next summer have been confirmed.

The qualifying rounds of FIFA World Cup 2018 has finally ended and the 32 teams that will contest for the biggest prize in football is now known. Few regular suspects qualified for the finals without much trouble while some of the underdogs have also made it through. There have been few high profile casualties as well along the day, who will not be plying their trade at the biggest stage of them all.

The official account of the FIFA World Cup 2018 put a series of posts on social media to celebrate the achievements of these 32 team who will get a chance to etch their names in history books next year.

Five-time winners Brazil are there, as are defending Champions Germany, plus Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, England, France, Iceland, Iran, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia,South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia and Uruguay.

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FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money

Fifa World Cup 2018 Prize Money

FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money – Fifa World Cup 2018 will be hosted by Russia, next year 32 teams will compete to become the champions. There are (11 cities) of Russia that will host all the matches of the World Cup 2018. Often known as World Cup, the FIFA World Cup is one of the most popular international association football competitions. This competition is contested by the senior men’s national teams of FIFA, that is known as International Federation of Association Football (in English). FIFA is the global governing body of football matches.

The event will started on 14th June at which Russia will perform opening game and 15th July we now have our brand new winners of the world. The prize money pool increases by 22 percent that will take the obligations for 2018 world cup to be approximately $700 million. FIFA World Cup championship was given since its inaugural championship in 1930 on each four years. In recent years in 1946 and 1942 the championship couldn’t be held due to the spread of the Second World War. By winning the 2014 tournament Germany became its winner that was existing. The 2014 triumph was Germany’s title.

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Football World Cup winner’s prize money rises to $35 million

Fifa World Cup 2018 Prize Money Distribution

Stages2018 World Cup2014 World Cup
Preparation Fee$2.5 Million$1.5 Million
Group Stage Fee$10 Million$8 Million
Round of 16$12 Million$9 Million
Quarter Final$18 Million$14 Million
4th Place Team$25 Million$18 Million
3rd Place Team$32 Million$20 Million
Runners-up$40 Million$25 Million
Winners$50 Million$35 Million
Player Insurance feeN/A$100 Million
Player by player payments to parent clubsN/A$70 Million

It was on 24th July, 2015 when the full FIFA World Cup 2018 schedule was announced by FIFA, the International Federation of Association Football. It is important to note here that this announcement does not include any kick-off times, however if the sources close the officials of the FIFA are to be believed, it will be confirmed later.

The official prize money pool for the 21st edition 2018 world cup Russia, will be announced by FIFA just before 6 months of the beginning of the competition. Hence FIFA can probably announce the FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money pool by December 2017 or early in January 2018. So hold on as we will Update you with the Officially Announced FIFA World Cup 2018 Prize Money pool as soon it is out.

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When the final prize money pool is announced by FIFA ? around 6 months before every world cup FIFA announce the confirmed prize money distribution and payments to be made to clubs. So right now there are only speculations as FIFA will only commit to such financial details once the get hold of the tv rights deal and large portion sponsorship opportunities are sold ahead of the big event.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Stadiums: Your Guide To The Venues In Russia

FIFA World Cup 2018 Venue

FIFA World Cup 2018 Stadiums: The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia is scheduled to be held in 11 cities, making use of 12 venues (stadiums). Russia is eager to impress and it’s making a monumental effort to do so. Fans at this epic event will be treated to some of the newest and most modern stadiums anywhere. Six of the 12 venues are being built specifically for the World Cup, with the remaining six being rebuilt or renovated to improve the fan experience. There’s no doubt these venues will be a highlight of the tournament.

There are so many new builds, in fact, that the home grounds of some of Russia’s biggest clubs, such as CSKA Moscow’s VEB Arena (opened in 2016) and Dynamo Moscow’s VTB Arena (due to open later this year), have not been included in the bid.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be the 21nd FIFA World Cup, an international association football tournament that is scheduled to take place in 2018 in Russia. Russia announced its purpose to bid for the FIFA World Cup in early 2009, and submitted its request to FIFA .Russia’s Prime Minister and former President Vladimir Putin has taken a intense interest in the bid and has gone so far as ordering Vitaly Mutko, the Minister of Sports, to “prepare a bid for Russia to hold the 2018 World Cup”. According to a information earlier submitted by Vitaly Mutko, who also served that time as President of the Russian Football Union (RFU), the country is ready to expend more then $10 billion on the tournament. The bid board also includes RFU CEO Alexey Sorokin and Alexander Djordjadze as the Director of Bid Planning and Operations. In October 2010, Russia formally pulled out of the race to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. On December 2, 2010 Russia has been chosen as the host country for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

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FIFA World Cup 2018 VenuesWorld Cup 2018 StadiumsWorld Cup 2018 Stadiums (Russia)

Volgograd Stadium


18 June 2018 21:00 – Tunisia vs England – Group G
22 June 2018 18:00 – Nigeria vs Iceland – Group D
25 June 2018 17:00 – Saudi Arabia vs Egypt – Group A
28 June 2018 17:00 – Japan vs Poland – Group H

10 things that will Definitely Happen at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

Vladimir Putin

2018 FIFA World Cup: FIFA World Cup 2018 hosts Russia will be kicking off the showpiece event with their opening match in Moscow, and although there has been plenty of controversy surrounding the event, how about we start to look forward to it instead?

A World Cup year is always exciting, and with 32 teams descending on one vast country, just what can we expect from the tournament?

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10. The 2018 World Cup Opening ceremony will feature a shirtless Vladimir Putin riding into the stadium on a horse


7 Things You Must Be Know Before Watching Russia World Cup 2018

Russia World Cup 2018

Time is ticking down on eligibility for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, together with the draw for the tournament only months away.

Football’s world class and flagship event World Cup, occurs in every 4-year span time period. Sports biggest regulating council FIFA also makes some decent bucks and arouses world cup to enhance the game’s popularity. Not just engaging national teams and soccer teams, but also FIFA earn money from FIFA world cup. For 2018 world cup championship beginning fifa 2018 world cup you need to need to know seven items. This seven thing step by step.

Where Is Fifa World Cup 2018

Fifa World Cup 2018 host in Russia. Russia is the host nation of 21st edition of FIFA world cup tournament. This tournament held on consecutive in 4 years later. Russia is 1st time host the biggest football tournament in the world.

When Will Start Fifa World Cup 2018 In Russia

It is the 2nd thing you should know when will start Russia world cup 2018. Fifa world cup cup 2018 start on 14 June to 15 July. It is 21st edition of fifa world cup. Russia is host of 2018 fifa world cup. The 1st match will play Russia vs group A2 at Luzhniki stadium in Moscow.

How Much Will Cost Russia World cup Ticket Price 2018

FIFA world cup ticket price is as high as Russia 2018 world cup ticket price. The lowest price of fifa Russia world cup ticket is $105 USD for ground matches. The opening match ticket price set as cart 1 $550 USD, cart 2 $390 USD, Cart 3 $220 USD and cart 4 ticket price 3200 Ruble ( Russia’s money ). The most attractive ticket Russia world cup final match set to $1,100 USD that is shocked!

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What’s Ball Will Be Play In Fifa World Cup 2018 Russia

Adidas release new ball for upcoming fifa wold cup 2018Before start a world cup every fifa tournament the football fan is curious to know what ball to use fifa world cup. 2018 Russia world cup soccer ball leaked. The most popular sports manufacturer company Adidas made fifa world cup ball 2018. Last world cup 2014 in Brazil ball name Bruzuca also made Adidas. Adidas leaked fifa world cup Russia 2018 ball picture.

How Many Stadiums To play Russia world cup 2018

Russia prepare total 12 stadiums for Russia wc 2018. Fifa 18 world cup will play 11 different cities across 12 stadiums. Most of fifa 18 world cup stadiums is coming to an end. Luzhniki stadium where will host the kick of match Russia vs group A2. A semi-final match and the final match also host in Luzhniki stadium. Russia’s stadiums average capacity is 45,000 seats. Russia world cup Highest seats at Luzhniki stadium and it’s capacity 81,000 seats.

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Who’s Sponsors To Russia World Cup 2018

Who’s Sponsors To Russia World Cup 20182018 Russia world cup China’s Hisense to officially sponsors for 2018 world cup in Russia. Hisense is largest consumer electric television manufacturer company in China. Hisense is tier 1 sponsorship for 2018 world cup. Fifa world cup is biggest opportunity to promote any brand.

How Many Team Qualified For Russia World Cup 2018

Russia world cup 2018 so far 2 teams qualify. 1st team Russia automatically qualify as a advanced of host team of 2018 world cup. The other team Brazil is confirm Russia ticket to cross the qualifying round. so, Brazil is 1st team to qualify Russia world cup 2018. Because other them Russia is not play the qualify round as a host advanced nation.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Broadcasting TV Channels Listing – Worldwide

FIFA World Cup 2018 Broadcasting TV Channels Listing

FIFA World Cup 2018 Broadcasting TV Channels Worldwide – The current format of the FIFA World Cup involves a qualification phase that currently takes place in every three years, in order to determine as to which team will take its place in the tournament phase, popularly known as World Cup Finals.

Live Broadcasting TV channels FIFA World Cup 2018: FIFA World Cup is one of the largest international football tournament which is going to be started on 14th June 2018 and ends at 15thJuly 2018. This Competition Comprises of 32 teams in eight groups (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H). Each group has 4 teams and each team would play 3 matches against opponents. In this way, total of 48 matches are scheduled to play in group stage. Overall, 64 matches will be scheduled to play during 2018 FIFA World Cup including group stage , Round 16, quarterfinal, semifinal and Final match.

2018 FIFA World Cup will be the 21st edition of Football world cup which is scheduled to play in Russia between 14 June and 15 July. 11 Russian cities and 12 venues to host world cup matches. All live action and coverage of fifa world cup 2018 can be watched on televisions, internet, mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Altogether 32 teams, including the automatically. These teams compete at the tournament phase for the title at the venues. Till date, World Cup championships have been won by eight national teams. Significantly, Brazil’s group has won it for 5 times and this group has got the distinction of playing each and every tournament. Another World Cup winners are Italy and Germany with four titles each. But, Argentina and Uruguay have two titles each. In addition to these teams, Spain, France and England will be the groups which have one name each.

Fans of FIFA World Cup 2018 tournament are very excited to watch all the matches and they wants to know that broadcasting tv channels. Here, we will tell you all the details of tv channels where all the matches of this tournament would be telecasted. All the matches of this tournament are not only spilled on tv but also on internet and radio channels. Sky Sports, Match TV, beIN Sports, Super Sports etc are some of the best TV channels on which all the matches of FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 would be broadcasted. Viewers will directly enjoy all the matches of this event on these tv channel at home in television.

Let’s have a peek at the comprehensive collection of streaming of football world cup in Russia and broadcasting television stations and platforms to watch live telecast.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Broadcasting TV Channel

Broadcasting Channels List

 ArgentinaTyC, DirecTVESPN 107.9 FM, AM del Plata, LS4 Radio Continental, La Red AM 910, LS5 Radio Rivadavia,

Radio Nacional Argentina

 AustraliaSBS, Optus SportSBS
 BahamasZNS, DirecTV
 BangladeshSony Pictures Networks
 BoliviaUnitel, Red Uno, DirecTVDeporte Total Radio, Radio Cristal, Radio Fides, El Deber Radio, Radio Patria Nueva, Radio Monumental
 Bosnia and HerzegovinaBHRTBHRT
 BrazilGlobo, SporTVRádio Globo, CBN, Jovem Pan, Rádio Bandeirantes, Super Rádio Tupi,

Rádio Transamérica, EBC, Rádio Gaúcha, Rádio Itatiaia, Rádio Jornal do Commercio,

Rádio Verdes Mares / Tamoio, Rádio Clube do Pará, Rádio Olinda, Rádio 730, Rádio Paiquerê,

Rádio Liberdade de Caruaru, Rádio Brasil Sul, Rádio Sociedade / Princesa FM,

Rádio Cultura de Miracema, Rádio Manchete, Rádio Jornal de Sergipe,

Rádio 105 FM, Rádio Metropolitana FM, Rádio Família FM, Rádio Amazonas FM

 ChileCanal 13, TVN, Mega, DirecTV, Fox SportsADN Radio Chile, Radio Cooperativa, Radio Agricultura, Radio Bio-Bio.
 ColombiaCaracol TV, RCN TV, DirecTVCaracol Radio, RCN Radio, Bluradio
 Costa RicaTeletica, Sky, MovistarRadio Columbia, Radio Monumental, Teletica Radio
 CubaTele Rebelde
 Czech RepublicČT
 DenmarkDR, TV 2DR
 EcuadorRTS, DirecTVLa Radio Redonda
 El SalvadorTCS, Sky
 Faroe IslandsDR
 FranceTF1, beIN SportsEurope 1, RTL, RFI, RMC
 GreenlandDR, TV 2
 GuatemalaRadio Televisión Guatemala, Sky
 HondurasTelevicentro, SkyHRN
 Hong KongLeSports
 IndiaSony Pictures Networks
 Indonesia[Futbal Momentum Asia (FMA)]Gen FM

NHK Radio 1, NHK FM Broadcast

TBS Radio & Communications, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Nippon Broadcasting System

Korea RepublicSBS Love FM
 LiechtensteinSRG SSRSRG SSR
 MalaysiaAstro, RTMRTM
 MexicoTelevisa, TV AztecaRadio Fórmula

W Deportes

W Radio

affiliated stations

 MyanmarSky Net
   NepalSony Pictures Networks
 New ZealandSky Sport
 NicaraguaRatensa, Sky
NigeriaBroadcasting Organisation of Nigeria, Optima Sports Management International
 NorwayNRK, TV 2NRK
 PakistanSony Pictures Networks
 PanamaCorporación Medcom, Televisora Nacional, Sky
 ParaguayTelefuturo, SNT, Red Guaraní, RPC, Tigo Sports, Torneos, DirecTVLa 970 AM, Megacadena de Comunicación, ABC Cardinal, La Unión, Radio Uno, Monumental, Caritas, Radio Nacional del Paraguay and La Deportiva.
 PeruLatina Televisión, DirecTVRPP
 PhilippinesPTVEagle Broadcasting Corporation (DZEC Radyo Agila 1062)
 RussiaMatch TV
 SingaporeSingtel TV, Starhub TV
 South AfricaSABC, SuperSportSABC
 South KoreaSBS
Sub-Saharan AfricaFrance Medias Monde
 SwedenSVT, TV4SR
  SwitzerlandSRG SSRSRG SSR
 United KingdomBBC, ITVBBC, talkSport
 United StatesFOX, TelemundoESPN Radio, Fútbol de Primera
 UruguayMonte Carlo TV, Canal 10, Teledoce, Torneos, DirecTVEl Espectador, CX 12 Radio Oriental, Miguel M. Ricciopi, CX 8 Radio Sarandí,

Radio Sarandi Sport, Regueirra y Barros S.H., CX 22 Radio Universal, Sociedad Anonimas de Television y Radios,

CX 16 Radio Carve, Radio Monte Carlo.

 VenezuelaVenevisión, DirecTV

Regional broadcasters

RegionBroadcasting Network
Middle East and North AfricabeIN Sports Arabia

Country wise broadcasters

CountryBroadcasting Network
ArgentinaTV Publica, TyC Sports
BrazilRede Globo
ChileTVN, Canal 13
GermanyZDF, ARD
Hong KongLe TV
IndiaSony ESPN
MalaysiaAstro, RTM
MexicoUnivision, Televisa, TV Azteca
South KoreaSBS, MBC, KBS
SwedenTV4, SVT
SwitzerlandSRG SSR
United KingdomBBC, ITV
United StatesFox Sports, Telemundo

If your country is not listed here, please mention it in comment section. We’ll update it.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be played at 12 stadiums across 11 Russian cities from June 14 to July 15. Prior to that Russia will host 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup from June 17 to July 2. It will be the first time either tournament has been held in Russia.


Say hello to Zabivaka™, the Official Mascot of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™!

He is a charming wolf who radiates fun and confidence. And he can’t wait to greet you at the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 and the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™.

Zabivaka the wolf followed in the footsteps of Naranjito the orange, Footix the football-playing rooster and Fuleco the armadillo by being named as the official mascot of the 2018 World Cup.

The wolf, whose name according to FIFA means “the one who scores”, received 53 per cent of the more than one million votes cast in a poll, beating a tiger (27 percent) and a cat (20 percent).

Read More >> World Cup 2018: Meet Zabivaka the official mascot of FIFA World Cup in Russia

“I am sure Zabivaka will be a massive hit among fans at the Confederations Cup and the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia,” said Mutko, who is also head of the Russian Football Union (RFU) and the local organising committee.

Russia is set to host the 2018 World Cup in 11 cities including Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Sochi.

Zabivaka’s biography on

  • He is charming, confident and social and has always dreamt of becoming a football star.
  • His favourite sporting pastime is playing football. He is a fair player, values his team members and respects his opponents, and he plays with skill and purpose.
  • He is always fun to be around – as the joker in the pack, he knows how to make others laugh.
  • He has taken to wearing cool sports glasses when he’s in action; he believes they give him special targeting powers on the pitch. And he loves to pose for photos.

World Cup 2018: Meet Zabivaka the official mascot of FIFA World Cup in Russia

2018 FIFA World Cup Official Mascot

Russia have named Zabivaka the wolf as mascot of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, according to the results of public voting announced on Saturday.

Zabivaka the wolf was unveiled as the official FIFA World Cup 2018 mascot in Moscow. Ronaldo flew in to the Russian capital to reveal which mascot had won the online vote. Zabivaka the wolf took 53% of the one million votes.

“The mascot is quite significant from the point of view of promoting the nation along with also the tournament,” Vitaly Mutko, Russian Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the “Russia-2018” Organizing Committee, stated. “This is a memory. Do you recall how everybody cried when Mishka flew off in 1980?” he asked.

World Cup matches are to take place. The venues are in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Kazan, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Saransk, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod and Yekaterinburg.

Produced by student designer Ekaterina Bocharova, Zabivaka is described as the “youngest player in the squad, however you won’t find anyone faster, bolder, or more skillful with a soccer”

Zabivaka, whose name means ‘the person who scores’ in Russian and is rooted in the verb ‘to score’ (zabivat) also reportedly has a somewhat different personality.

Read More >> Fifa World Cup 2018 Schedule in Bangladesh BST Time, Live TV channels info

According to the site, his character traits include being charming, optimistic and social; he is a fair player and always fun to be around; and he likes to make others laugh. In addition, he wears glasses he believes give him particular powers onto the pitch.

zabivaka mascot

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