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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Theme Song Announced

Cricket World Cup 2019 Theme Song
ICC Releases the Cricket World Cup 2019 Theme song officially on May 18 2019.

The ICC on Friday released the official song of the Men’s World Cup — ‘Stand By’ with LORYN and Rudimental across all streaming platforms.

‘Stand By’ — It’s a collaboration between new artist LORYN and one of the UK’s most famous and influential personality, Rudimental – the cricket world cup 2019 song will be played in ground and city events across the tournament when the showpiece event begins on May 30.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Official Theme Song “Stand By” Video, Mp3 Download

The Theme song names ‘Stand By’ have a common voice for cricket fans when they show their passion and love for their respective teams during the matches and a half long tournament which ends up on 14th of July.

How the Official Theme Song of Cricket World Cup 2019 is very Important for Fans

It is important to realize the power of music in sports environments that too in the like Cricket world cup that comes once in four years- from a motivational source for the team players to providing a common voice for fans to celebrate together the biggest festival of cricket.

ICC is sure that they will see the Official Song “Stand By” at the absolute heart of cricket fans in this tournament

According to the ICC media release, the song “celebrates the cultural diversity of The United Kingdom”.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Official Theme Song Culture;

ICC 2019 cricket world cup theme song is available on YouTube and other similar applications apart from the official website such as Hotstar, starsports,Yuppme TV etc.

So enjoy this motivational source, in your language by downloading it from the You-tube. ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Official Theme Song will be available to download either on the PC or in the smartphones.

Hence, everyone gets the chance of enjoying the song by playing the mp3 file.

ICC cricket world cup 2019 is the 12th time that is got organized so far, so theme song has been composed which is coming as tradition of the England and it focuses on showcasing the Cultural diversity of the society.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Theme Song official is launched after so much of efforts by the musicians to make sure that every fan get motivated while listening to this song.

This song may be launched very soon prior one or two months before the match starts. Cricket fans from all over the world are eagerly waiting for the release of the theme song.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Theme Song official is composed in various languages for all the countries across the globe. The theme song is created in HD version. It is dedicated to all the 49 teams which take part in the cricket world cup 2019 match. Once the anthem of 2019 ICC world cup is launched, it is available to download from the official website of ICC.

ICC World Cup 2019 Preview and Criticisms

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is supposed to be a milestone because of the changes took place on the format of the tournament and rules of the game.

There is no such idea if ICC will try to revert back to its old format after the criticism that it has received from the fans. 2019 World Cup is a long format as compare to other once’s but in this format it has been assured that each team gets the fair chance to compete and only the best one take the tittle to home.

This is the fifth time that England is the host of ICC Cricket World Cup and the final match will be played at the most popular ground of cricket- Lord’s Stadium. If i was asked to predict the winners of ICC World Cup 2019, I would say India. India is the strongest team in the would cricket in today’s world.

India’s has the best Batsman,Bowler and fielder to dominate the world. All the players of India are in full form. The way they have performed in the IPL 2019 season is itself a trailer to what they are going to do in World cup In England.

The 2015 ICC World Cup was held in Australia and New Zealand and the winner was team Australia. Prior to which 2011 the World cup Happen in India and the winner was also India. But this the history is going to be changed and India will it capacity to win each and every world cup.

ICC World Cup 2019 Qualifications

The hosts of the tournament, England automatically qualified for the ICC World Cup 2019. 7 other teams, however, were selected as per the ICC One Day International rankings as on 30 September 2017.

After that happened the 2018 ICC World Cup qualifiers. Many teams played against each other for gaining the golden spot at the ICC World Cup 2019 but there was the place for only two teams. The format of the tournament was that the two teams who are going to be in the finals are the two teams were going to qualify for the ICC World Cup 2019.

Due to the change in the number of teams, this is going to be the first time that the ICC World Cup will not be played by all the test playing teams. The total test playing teams are 12 after the admission of Afghanistan and Ireland and hence at least two teams will have to miss the biggest tournament in cricket. Also Read: Cricket World Cup 2019 Live Streaming Cricket World Cup 2019 All Team Final Squad Read Also :- ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule, Team, Venue, Time Table, PDF, Point Table, Ranking . T20 World Cup 2022 Full Schedule, TimeTable, Fixtures, Teams, Venue, News

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