Here’s how much every team at the 2018 World Cup is worth

2018 World Cup

In football, cash is king, and while the World Cup is a welcome break for most of us from the ludicrous transfer fees and ever rising price of replica shirts, there’s still an awful lot of money involved. But which team at this summer’s World Cup, which starts on Thursday in Moscow, is worth the most money in the market?

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Using data from football data site Transfermarkt, analysts at Dutch bank ING have calculated that around £9 billion ($12 billion) will be on show at the tournament, with Spain being the most valuable team – it’s worth more than £900 million ($1.2 billion). Big European and South American sides dominate the upper echelons of player worth, while minnows like Panama and Saudi Arabia dwell at the bottom end of the charts.

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In fact, the world’s top three players – Neymar, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo – are worth more than the nine least valuable teams combined, ING calculated. “Some say the football market is highly inflated – and it’s certainly astonishing to see the significant increase in team values from the last World Cup,” Ian Bright, a senior economist at ING said. “But whether you truly get value for money is a question that only fans can answer.”

Check out how much every squad at the World Cup is worth below.

32. Panama


Squad value: £8.7 million ($11.7 million)

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31. Saudi Arabia

Saudi ArabiaSquad value: £15.1 million ($20.2 million)

30. Peru


Squad value: £32.6 million ($43.6 million)

29. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Squad value: £37.02 million ($49.5 million)

28. Iran


Squad value: £37.4 million ($50 million)

27. Australia


Squad value: £43.6 million ($58.4 million)

26. Tunisia


Squad value: £46.2 million ($61.8 million)

25. Japan


Squad value: £61.5 million ($82.3 million)

24. Iceland


Squad value: £65.1 million ($87.1 million)

23. South Korea

South Korea

22. Sweden


Squad value: £103.4 million ($138.4 million)

21. Russia


Squad value: £104.6 million ($140 million)

20. Morocco


Squad value: £105.5 million ($141.2 million)

19. Nigeria


Squad value: £115.1 million ($154 million)

18. Mexico


Squad value: £129.4 million ($173.2 million)

17. Egypt


Squad value: £172.9 million ($231.4 million)

16. Switzerland


Squad value: £187.1 million ($250.4 million)

15. Serbia


Squad value: £211.2 million ($282.6 million)

14. Denmark


Squad value: £223.6 million ($299.2 million)

13. Colombia


Squad value: £223.8 million ($299.5 million)

12. Poland


Squad value: £230.3 million ($308.2 million)

11. Senegal


Squad value: £247.8 million ($331.6 million)

10. Croatia


Squad value: £302.5 million ($405 million) Most valuable player: Ivan Rakitic – £44 million ($59 million)

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9. Uruguay


Squad value: £323.4 million ($432.8 million) Most valuable player: Luis Suarez – £61.5 million ($82.3 million)

8. Portugal


Squad value: £411.04 million ($550 million) Most valuable player: Cristiano Ronaldo – £87.9 million ($117.7 million)

7. Argentina


Squad value: £614.2 million ($822 million) Most valuable player: Lionel Messi – £158.2 million ($211.7 million)

6. Belgium


Squad value: £660.9 million ($884.6 million) Most valuable player: Kevin De Bruyne – £131.9 million ($176.5 million)

5. England


Squad value: £769.1 million ($1.02 billion) Most valuable player: Harry Kane – £131.9 million ($176.7 million)

4. Germany


Squad value: £771.8 million ($1.03 billion) Most valuable player: Toni Kroos – £70.3 million ($94.1 billion)

3. Brazil


Squad value: £808.01 million ($1.08 billion) Most valuable player: Neymar – £158.2 million ($212 million)

2. France


Squad value: £907.7 million ($1.215 billion) Most valuable player: Kylian Mbappe – £105.5 million ($141 million)

1. Spain


Squad value: £910.8 million ($1.21 billion) Most valuable player: Sergio Busquets – £70.3 million ($94 million)

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