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FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule, Fixtures, and Timings in US And Canada Time

2022 World Cup Schedule Qatar : US And Canada Time

The upcoming qualification stage for the 2022 World Cup Schedule Qatar will take place throughout 2021 and into 2022. It is the 22th edition of FIFA World Cup History. The 2022 World Cup schedule is an absolute dream for football fans. Here we will update information as 2022 World Cup Schedule, US and Canada times, and locations are announced.

2022 World Cup scheduled to take place in Qatar from 21 November to 18 December 2022. After completed the second half of the qualifying schedule for the 2022 World Cup and it’s Canada at the top of the CONCACAF standings with 18 points. The USA placed at 2nd position with 15 points and Mexico in the 3rd place with 14 points, long the powers of the region, are now chasing. The FIFA World Cup 2022 kicks off on November 21 at the Al Bayt stadium in Al Khor with a match that will feature the host Nation.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualified teams

The FIFA World cup qualification process is a process for the qualified team for the tournament where 31 teams will participate for World Cup. Total 13 number of teams have been qualified for the tournament. FIFA released the schedule for the 2022 World Cup Schedule to be played in November and December on Wednesday, with kickoff times at 00:30  USA, 18:00, 20:00 US, and Canada Time. Here is the list of the all teams which have been qualified. Read about FIFA World Cup 2022 Full Match Schedule in Nepali Time.

Group stage: November 21- December 2
Round of 16: December 3-6
Quarter-finals: December 9/10
Semi-finals: December 13/14
Final: December 18

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 logo
S No.TeamQualified asQualified on
1QatarHost nation2 December 2010
2GermanyUEFA Group J winners11 October 2021
3DenmarkUEFA Group F winners12 October 2021
4BrazilOne of CONMEBOL top four teams11 November 2021
5FranceUEFA Group D winners13 November 2021
6BelgiumUEFA Group E winners13 November 2021
7CroatiaUEFA Group H winners14 November 2021
8SpainUEFA Group B winners14 November 2021
9SerbiaUEFA Group A winners14 November 2021
10EnglandUEFA Group I winners15 November 2021
11SwitzerlandUEFA Group C winners15 November 2021
12NetherlandsUEFA Group G winners16 November 2021
12ArgentinaOne of CONMEBOL top four teams16 November 2021

2022 World Cup Schedule Qatar : US and Canada time

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar 2022 full match schedule in US & Canada Time
1November 21Qatar vs A221:30Khalifa International Stadium
2November 21A3 vs A415.30AI Rayyan Stadium
3November 21B1 vs B220:30AI Thumama Stadium
4November 22B3 vs B400:30AI Bayat Stadium
5November 22C1 vs C220:30Al Janoub Stadium
6November 22C3 vs C400:30Ras Abu Aboud Stadium
7November 22D1 vs D220:30Education City Stadium
8November 23C1 vs C200:30Lusail Stadium
9November 23E1 vs E215:30Al Bayat Stadium
10November 23E3 vs E421:30November 23
11November 23F1 vs F218:30Al Thumama Stadium
12November 24F3 vs F400:30Al Rayyan Stadium
13November 24G3 vs G421:30Ras Abu Aboud Stadium
14November 24H1 vs H218:30Education City Stadium
15November 24H3 vs H415:30Al Janoub Stadium
16November 25G1 vs G200:30Lusail Stadium
17November 25B1 vs B315:30Al Bayat Stadium
18November 25B4 vs B221:30Khalifa International Stadium
19November 25Qatar vs A318:30Al Thumama Stadium
20November 26A4 vs A200:30Al Rayyan Stadium
21November 26D4 vs D221:30Ras Abu Aboud Stadium
22November 26C1 vs C315:30Education City Stadium
23November 26C4 vs C218:30Al Janoub Stadium
24November 27D1 vs D300:30November 27
25November 27F1 vs F315:30Al Bayat Stadium
26November 27E1 vs E318:30Al Thumama Stadium
27November 27F4 vs F221:30Khalifa International Stadium
28November 28E4 vs E200:30Al Rayyan Stadium
29November 28G4 vs G215:30Al Janoub Stadium
30November 28G1 vs G318:30Education City Stadium
31November 28H4 vs H221:30Education City Stadium
32November 29H1 vs H300:30Lusail Stadium
33November 29A4 vs Qatar15:30Al Bayat Stadium
34November 29B4 vs B118:30Al Thumama Stadium
35November 29A2 vs A321:30Khalifa International Stadium
36November 30B2 vs B300:30Al Rayyan Stadium
37November 30D2 vs D315:30D2 vs D3
38November 30D2 vs D318:30Education City Stadium
39November 30D2 vs D321:30Ras Abu Aboud Stadium
40December 1C4 vs C100:30Lusail Stadium
41December 1E4 vs E115:30Al Bayat Stadium
42December 1F4 vs F118:30Al Thumama Stadium
43December 1E2 vs E321:30Khalifa International Stadium
44December 2F2 vs F300:30Al Rayyan Stadium
45December 2H2 vs H315:30Al Janoub Stadium
46December 2H4 vs H118:30Education City Stadium
47December 2G2 vs G321:30Ras Abu Aboud Stadium
48December 3G4 vs G100:30Lusail Stadium

FIFA World Cup 2022 ROUND-OF-16

49December 3Winner Group A vs Winner Group A18:00Khalifa International Stadium
50December 4Winner Group C vs Winner Group A22:00AI Rayyan Stadium
51December 4Winner Group D vs Winner Group A18:00AI Thumama Stadium
52December 5Winner Group B vs Winner Group A22:00AI Bayat Stadium
53December 5Winner Group E vs Winner Group A18:00Al Janoub Stadium
54December 6Winner Group G vs Winner Group A22:00Ras Abu Aboud Stadium
55December 6Winner Group F vs Winner Group A18:00Education City Stadium
56December 7Winner Group H vs Runner-up Group G22:00Lusail Iconic Stadium


57December 9W53 vs W5418:00Education City Stadium
58December 10W49 vs W5022:00Lusail Iconic Stadium
59December 10W49 vs W5018:00AI Thumama Stadium
60December 11W51 vs W5222:00AI Bayat Stadium


61December 14Winner Match 57 vs Winner Match 5822:00Lusail Iconic Stadium
62December 15Winner Match 59 vs Winner Match 6022:00AI Bayat Stadium


63December 17L61 vs L6218:00Khalifa International Stadium

FIFA World Cup 2022 FINAL

64December 18Winner Match 61 vs Winner Match 6218:00Lusail Iconic Stadium

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