FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule with Nepali Standard Time

FIFA World Cup 2018 schedule with Nepali Standard Time

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be the 21st FIFA World Cup. FIFA World Cup 2018 scheduled to take place in Russia from 14 June to 15 July 2018, after the country was handover the hosting privileges on 2 December 2010.

32 national teams will involve in this tournament (The FIFA World Cup 2018), which include 31 teams determined through qualifying competitions and the automatically qualified host team.

20 out of 32 teams will make a back-to-back appearance after the last tournament in 2014, including defending champion Germany, while both Iceland and Panama will make their first appearance in the FIFA World Cup. 64 matches will be played in 12 spots at 11 cities. The final game will be held at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on July 15.

Schedule in Nepali Standard Time

Match No.DateNepali DateTime (Nepali time)TeamsMatch StadiumStage
114-Jun-18बिहिवार जेठ ३१, २०७५8:45 PMRussia vs Saudi ArabiaLuzhniki Stadium, MoscowGroup
215-Jun-18शुक्रवार आषाढ १, २०७५5:45 PMEgypt vs UruguayCentral Stadium, YekaterinburgGroup
315-Jun-18शुक्रवार आषाढ १, २०७५11:45 PMPortugal vs SpainFisht Olympic Stadium, SochiGroup
415-Jun-18शुक्रवार आषाढ १, २०७५8:45 PMMorocco vs IranKrestovsky Stadium, Saint PetersburgGroup
516-Jun-18 शनिवार आषाढ २, २०७५3:45 PMFrance vs AustraliaKazan Arena, KazanGroup
616-Jun-18 शनिवार आषाढ २, २०७५9:45 PMPeru vs DenmarkMordovia Arena, SaranskGroup
716-Jun-18 शनिवार आषाढ २, २०७५6:45 PMArgentina vs IcelandOtkrytiye Arena, MoscowGroup
817-Jun-18 आइतवार आषाढ ३, २०७५12:45 AMCroatia vs NigeriaKaliningrad Stadium, KaliningradGroup
917-Jun-18 आइतवार आषाढ ३, २०७५11:45 PMBrazil vs SwitzerlandRostov Arena, Rostov-on-DonGroup
1017-Jun-18 आइतवार आषाढ ३, २०७५5:45 PMCosta Rica vs SerbiaCosmos Arena, SamaraGroup
1117-Jun-18 आइतवार आषाढ ३, २०७५8:45 PMGermany vs MexicoLuzhniki Stadium, MoscowGroup
1218-Jun-18सोमवार आषाढ ४, २०७५5:45 PMSweden vs South KoreaNizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny NovgorodGroup
1318-Jun-18सोमवार आषाढ ४, २०७५8:45 PMBelgium vs PanamaFisht Olympic Stadium, SochiGroup
1418-Jun-18सोमवार आषाढ ४, २०७५11:45 PMTunisia vs EnglandVolgograd Arena, VolgogradGroup
1519-Jun-18मङ्गलवार आषाढ ५, २०७५8:45 PMPoland vs SenegalOtkrytiye Arena, MoscowGroup
1619-Jun-18मङ्गलवार आषाढ ५, २०७५5:45 PMColombia vs JapanMordovia Arena, SaranskGroup
1719-Jun-18मङ्गलवार आषाढ ५, २०७५11:45 PMRussia vs EgyptKrestovsky Stadium, Saint PetersburgGroup
1820-Jun-18बुधवार आषाढ ६, २०७५8:45 PMUruguay vs Saudi ArabiaRostov Arena, Rostov-on-DonGroup
1920-Jun-18बुधवार आषाढ ६, २०७५5:45 PMPortugal vs MoroccoLuzhniki Stadium, MoscowGroup
2020-Jun-18बुधवार आषाढ ६, २०७५11:45 PMIran vs SpainKazan Arena, KazanGroup
2121-Jun-18 बिहिवार आषाढ ७, २०७५8:45 PMFrance vs PeruCentral Stadium, YekaterinburgGroup
2221-Jun-18 बिहिवार आषाढ ७, २०७५5:45 PMDenmark vs AustraliaCosmos Arena, SamaraGroup
2321-Jun-18 बिहिवार आषाढ ७, २०७५11:45 PMArgentina vs CroatiaNizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny NovgorodGroup
2422-Jun-18शुक्रवार आषाढ ८, २०७५8:45 PMNigeria vs IcelandVolgograd Arena, VolgogradGroup
2522-Jun-18शुक्रवार आषाढ ८, २०७५5:45 PMBrazil vs Costa RicaKrestovsky Stadium, Saint PetersburgGroup
2622-Jun-18शुक्रवार आषाढ ८, २०७५11:45 PMSerbia vs SwitzerlandKaliningrad Stadium, KaliningradGroup
2723-Jun-18शनिवार आषाढ ९, २०७५11:45 PMGermany vs SwedenFisht Olympic Stadium, SochiGroup
2823-Jun-18शनिवार आषाढ ९, २०७५8:45 PMSouth Korea vs MexicoRostov Arena, Rostov-on-DonGroup
2923-Jun-18शनिवार आषाढ ९, २०७५5:45 PMBelgium vs TunisiaOtkrytiye Arena, MoscowGroup
3024-Jun-18आइतवार आषाढ १०, २०७५5:45 PMEngland vs PanamaNizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny NovgorodGroup
3124-Jun-18आइतवार आषाढ १०, २०७५11:45 PMPoland vs ColombiaKazan Arena, KazanGroup
3224-Jun-18आइतवार आषाढ १०, २०७५8:45 PMJapan vs SenegalCentral Stadium, YekaterinburgGroup
3325-Jun-18  सोमवार आषाढ ११, २०७५7:45 PMUruguay vs RussiaCosmos Arena, SamaraGroup
3425-Jun-18  सोमवार आषाढ ११, २०७५7:45 PMSaudi Arabia vs EgyptVolgograd Arena, VolgogradGroup
3525-Jun-18  सोमवार आषाढ ११, २०७५11:45 PMIran vs PortugalMordovia Arena, SaranskGroup
3625-Jun-18  सोमवार आषाढ ११, २०७५11:45 PMSpain vs MoroccoKaliningrad Stadium, KaliningradGroup
3726-Jun-18मङ्गलवार आषाढ १२, २०७५7:45 PMDenmark vs FranceLuzhniki Stadium, MoscowGroup
3826-Jun-18मङ्गलवार आषाढ १२, २०७५7:45 PMAustralia vs PeruFisht Olympic Stadium, SochiGroup
3926-Jun-18मङ्गलवार आषाढ १२, २०७५11:45 PMNigeria vs ArgentinaKrestovsky Stadium, Saint PetersburgGroup
4026-Jun-18मङ्गलवार आषाढ १२, २०७५11:45 PMIceland vs CroatiaRostov Arena, Rostov-on-DonGroup
4127-Jun-18बुधवार आषाढ १३, २०७५11:45 PMSerbia vs BrazilOtkrytiye Arena, MoscowGroup
4227-Jun-18बुधवार आषाढ १३, २०७५11:45 PMSwitzerland vs Costa RicaNizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny NovgorodGroup
4327-Jun-18बुधवार आषाढ १३, २०७५7:45 PMSouth Korea vs GermanyKazan Arena, KazanGroup
4427-Jun-18बुधवार आषाढ १३, २०७५7:45 PMMexico vs SwedenCentral Stadium, YekaterinburgGroup
4528-Jun-18बिहिवार आषाढ १४, २०७५11:45 PMEngland vs BelgiumKaliningrad Stadium, KaliningradGroup
4628-Jun-18बिहिवार आषाढ १४, २०७५11:45 PMPanama vs TunisiaMordovia Arena, SaranskGroup
4728-Jun-18बिहिवार आषाढ १४, २०७५7:45 PMJapan vs PolandVolgograd Arena, VolgogradGroup
4828-Jun-18बिहिवार आषाढ १४, २०७५7:45 PMSenegal vs ColombiaCosmos Arena, SamaraGroup
4930-Jun-18शनिवार आषाढ १६, २०७५11:45 PMWinner Group A vs Runner-up Group BFisht Olympic Stadium, SochiRound of 16
5030-Jun-18शनिवार आषाढ १६, २०७५7:45 PMWinner Group C vs Runner-up Group DKazan Arena, KazanRound of 16
511-Jul-18आइतवार आषाढ १७, २०७५7:45 PMWinner Group B vs Runner-up Group ALuzhniki Stadium, MoscowRound of 16
521-Jul-18आइतवार आषाढ १७, २०७५11:45 PMWinner Group D vs Runner-up Group CNizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny NovgorodRound of 16
532-Jul-18सोमवार आषाढ १८, २०७५7:45 PMWinner Group E vs Runner-up Group FCosmos Arena, SamaraRound of 16
542-Jul-18सोमवार आषाढ १८, २०७५11:45 PMWinner Group G vs Runner-up Group HRostov Arena, Rostov-on-DonRound of 16
553-Jul-18मङ्गलवार आषाढ १९, २०७५7:45 PMWinner Group F vs Runner-up Group EKrestovsky Stadium, Saint PetersburgRound of 16
563-Jul-18मङ्गलवार आषाढ १९, २०७५11:45 PMWinner Group H vs Runner-up Group GOtkrytiye Arena, MoscowRound of 16
576-Jul-18शुक्रवार आषाढ २२, २०७५7:45 PMWinner Match 49 vs Winner Match 50Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny NovgorodQuarter-finals
586-Jul-18शुक्रवार आषाढ २२, २०७५11:45 PMWinner Match 53 vs Winner Match 54Kazan Arena, KazanQuarter-finals
597-Jul-18शनिवार आषाढ २३, २०७५11:45 PMWinner Match 51 vs Winner Match 52Fisht Olympic Stadium, SochiQuarter-finals
607-Jul-18शनिवार आषाढ २३, २०७५7:45 PMWinner Match 55 vs Winner Match 56Cosmos Arena, SamaraQuarter-finals
6110-Jul-18 मङ्गलवार आषाढ २४, २०७५11:45 PMWinner Match 57 vs Winner Match 58Krestovsky Stadium, Saint PetersburgSemi-finals
6211-Jul-18बुधवार आषाढ २७, २०७५11:45 PMWinner Match 59 vs Winner Match 60Luzhniki Stadium, MoscowSemi-finals
6314-Jul-18शनिवार आषाढ ३०, २०७५7:45 PMLoser Match 61 vs Loser Match 62Krestovsky Stadium, Saint PetersburgThird place
6415-Jul-18आइतवार आषाढ ३१, २०७५8:45 PMWinner Match 61 vs Winner Match 62Luzhniki Stadium, MoscowFinal