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Fifa World Cup 2018 Schedule Fixtures PDF Download Country By Country Times

Fifa World Cup 2018 Schedule Fixtures PDF Download Country By Country Times 1

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule, Fixtures, Time Table PDF can be downloaded from this website. The matches will be played from 14 June to 15 July 2018. 32 National teams will be entertained in this tournament to play 64 matches in 32 days. All the 32 games will be played at 12 Venues. Russia’s Capital Moscow will host the final of 2018 world cup on 15 July.

The 32 nation participating 2018 fifa world cup in Russia held on 14 June to 15 July 2018. The kick off match between host Russia vs (group A2) at Luzhniki stadium. Fifa has been announced Fifa world cup 2018 fixture pdf download. The kick off match start time 18:00 Moscow. The two semi finals and final match also render at Luzhniki Stadium. Russia prepared total 12 venues for world cup 2018. Host Russia automatic qualify for football world cup 2018. Brazil is first team who secure them for 2018 Russia world cup. see here the list of 2018 fifa world cup qualified teams.

Fifa World Cup 2018 Schedule Fixtures PDF Download

Fifa World Cup 2018 Schedule Fixtures PDF Download

fifa world cup 2018 schedule picture

fifa world cup 2018 schedule picture

Fifa World Cup 2018 Schedule Pdf Download

We are upload below fifa world cup 2018 fixtures pdf download file. click on link to download the pdf fixtures. After Download FIFA world cup schedule pdf double click the file. It will autometically open in your default browser.

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Russia World Cup 2018 Full Schedule

Fifa World cup 2018 Fixtures PDF Group round

Date Schedule Venue Time (GMT)
14 June Russia v Saudi Arabia Luzhniki 15:00
15 June Egypt v Uruguay Ekateringburg 12:00
15 June Morocco v Iran St Petersburg 15:00
15 June Portugal v Spain Sochi 18:00
16 June France v Australia Kazan 10:00
16 June Argentina v Iceland Moscow (Spartak) 13:00
16 June Peru v Denmark Spartak Stadium 16:00
16 June croatia v Nigeria Kaliningrad 19:00
17 June Costa Rica v Serbia Samara 12:00
17 June Germany v Mexico Luzhniki 15:00
 17 June Brazil v Switzerland Rostov-on-Don 18:00
18 June Sweden v Korea Nizhny Novgorod 12:00
18 June Belgium v Panama Sochi 15:00
18 June Tunisia v England Vlogograd 18:00
19 June Poland v Senegal Spartak 12:00
19 June Colombia v Japan Saransk 15:00
19 June Russia v Egypt Saint Petersburg 18:00
20 June Portugal v Morocco Luzhniki 12:00
20 June Uruguay v Saudi Arabia Rostov-on-Don 15:00
20 June Iran v Spain Kazan 18:00
21 June France v Peru Yekaterinburg 12:00
21 June Denmark v Australia Samara 15:00
21 June Argentina v Croatia Nizhny Novgorod 18:00
22 June Brazil v Costa Rica Saint Petersburg 12:00
22 June Nigeria v Iceland Volgograd 15:00
22 June Serbia v Switzerland Kaliningrad 18:00
23 June Belgium v Tunisia Spartak 12:00
23 June Germany v Sweden Sochi 15:00
23 June Korea Republic v Mexico Rostov-on-Don 18:00
24 June England v Panama Nizhny Novgorod 12:00
24 June Japan v Senegal Yekaterinburg 15:00
24 June Poland v Colombia Kazan 18:00
25 June Uruguay v Russia Samara Arena 14:00
25 June Saudi Arabia v Egypt Volgograd Arena 14:00
25 June Spain v Morocco Kaliningrad 18:00
25 June Iran v Portugal Saransk 18:00
26 June Denmark v France Luzhniki 14:00
26 June Australia v Peru Sochi 14:00
26 June Nigeria v Argentina Saint Petersburg 18:00
26 June Iceland v Croatia Rostov Arena 18:00
27 June Korea Republic v Germany Kazan  14:00
27 June Mexico v Sweden Yekaterinburg  14:00
27 June Serbia v Brazil Spartak  18:00
27 June Switzerland v Costa Rica Nizhni Novgorod  18:00
28 June Japan v Poland Volgograd  14:00
28 June  Senegal v Colombia  Samara  14:00
28 June England v Belgium Kaliningrad  18:00
28 June  Panama v Tunisia  Saransk  18:00

Fifa World cup 2018 Schedule PDF Round of 16

 Date Fixtures  Venue  Time Table
 30 June  Group A winner vs Group runner-up  Fisht Olympic  18:00
 30 June  Group C winner vs Group D runner-up  Kazan Arena  14:00
 1 July  Group B winner vs Group A runner-up  Luzhniki  14:00
 1 July  Group D winner vs Group runner-up  Nizhny Novgorod  18:00
 2 July  Group E winner vs Group F  runner-up  Samara Arena  15:00
 2 July  Group G winner vs Group H runner-up  Rostov Arena  18:00
3 July Group F winner vs Group E runner-up Zenit Arena  14:00
 3 July  Group H winner vs Group G runner-up  Spartak  18:00

Fifa World cup 2018 schedule pdf download Quarter Final

Date Schedule Venue Time Table
6 July Quarter Final 1 Nizhny Novgorod  14:00
6 July Quarter Final 2 Kazan Arena  18:00
7 July Quarter Final 3 Fisht Olympic  18:00
7 July Quarter Final 4 Samara Arena  15:00

Fifa World cup 2018 fixtures download pdf Semi-Final

No Date Schedule Venue Time Table
61 10 July Semi Finals 1 Zenit Arena  18:00
62 11 July Semi Finals 2 Luzhniki  18:00

Fifa world cup 2018 Final Match schedule

Date Fixtures Venue Time Table
15 July 2018 grand final Luzhniki  15:00

Fifa World Cup 2018 Group List

FIFA World cup 2018 Time Table is divided into two stages [Group Stage] & [Knockout Stage] which further divided into 3 Stages named [Round of 16, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals]. After this there is one 3rd/4th place match and one final will be played.

Group Stage: There are 8 groups from Group A to Group H. Every group includes 4 teams. Russia being the host of world cup placed in Group A and will play first match of the tournament. – Only Top 2 teams from each Group will qualify for Round of 16 in Knockout Stage.

Knockout Stage: In this stage every team will play one match and if the match is tied at the end of 90 minutes then 2 periods of extra time 15 minutes will be played. If after extra time still the match is tied then Penalty shootout will be taken.

Group A: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay

Group B: Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran

Group C: France, Australia, Peru, Denmark

Group D: Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria

Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia

Group F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea

Group G: Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England

Group H: Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan

FIFA World Cup 2018 Groups Confirmed

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Russia Portugal France Argentia
Saudi Arbaia Spain Australia Iceland
Egypt Morocco Peru Croatia
Uruguay Iran Denmark Nigeria
Group E Group F Group G Group H
Brazil Germany Belgium Poland
Switzerland Mexico Panama Senegal
Costa Rica Sweden Tunisia Colombia
Serbia South Korea England Japan

Fifa World Cup 2018 Fixtures Country By Country Local Time

In the below table we give all country time table. Fifa published world cup 2018 schedule pdf in GMT/UTC and Russia time. So, you can know when will world cup match start in your country local time.

Example you are live in Bangladesh and 2018 world cup 1st match Russia vs Saudi Arabia will start on 15:00 GMT. In this table we see Bangladesh time is ahead +06:00 time vs GMT. So, add +06:00 time more on Russia vs Saudi Arabia GMT match time if you watching 2018 world cup from Bangladesh. Bangladeshi people can watch the match at 21:00 in their local time.

Country List Local Time Table
Afghanistan – AF Add +4:30 hours from UTC/GMT
Albania – AL +01:00 hours from UTC/GMT
Algeria – DZ +01:00
Andorra – AD +01:00
Angola – AO +01:00
Anguilla – AI −04:00
Antigua and Barbuda – AG −04:00
Armenia – AU −03:00
Australia – AM +08:00
Austria – AT +01:00
Azerbaijan – AZ +04:00
Bahamas – BS -05:00
Bahrain – Bh +03:00
Bangladesh – BD +06:00
Barbados – BB -04:00
Belarus – BY +03:00
Belgium – BE +01:00
Belize – BZ -06:00
Benin – BJ +01:00
Bermuda – BM -04:00
Bhutan – BT +05:30
Bolivia – BO -04:00
Bonaire – BQ  
Bosnia and Herzegovina – BA +01:00
Botswana – BW +02:00
Bouvet Island – BV  
Brazil – BR -03:00
Brunei- BN +08:00
Bulgaria -BG +02:00
Burkina Faso – BF  
Burundi – BI +02:00
Cambodia – KH +07:00
Cameroon – CM +01:00
Canada – CA -04:00
Cape Verde – CV -01:00
Cayman Islands – KY -05:00
Central African Republic – CF +01:00
Chad – CD +01:00
Chile – CL -04:00
China – CN +08:00
Columbia – CO -05:00
Christmas Island – CX +03:00
Congo – CG +01:00
Cook Islands – CK -10:00
Costa Rica −06:00
Cote d’Ivoire ±00:00
Croatia +01:00
Cuba −05:00
Curacao −04:00
Cyprus +02:00
Czech Republic +01:00
Denmark +01:00
Djibouti +03:00
Dominica −04:00
Dominican Republic −04:00
Ecuador −05:00
Ecuador −06:00
Egypt +02:00
El Salvador −06:00
Equatorial Guinea +01:00
Eritrea +03:00
Estonia +02:00
Eswatini +02:00
Ethiopia +03:00
Falkland Islands (UK) −03:00
Faroe Islands (Denmark) ±00:00
Fiji +12:00
Finland +02:00
France +01:00
French Guiana −03:00
Gabon +01:00
Gambia ±00:00
Georgia +04:00
Germany +01:00
Ghana ±00:00

Russia and Brazil confirms their participate to 2018 fifa football world cup as earliar. Russia is host country of the 2018 world cup in Russia. So, Russia participating is certain before the qualifiers. As a host team advanced they need not to play they qualification round.

Fifa world cup 2018 Brazil is 1st team to crossed the qualifiers. Brazil qualify them from Conmebol. Conmebol has highest place in fifa world cup. Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and some heavyweights team is in Conmebol. In this confederation of south American 4 teams will take participate in fifa world cup 2018.

Fifa divided 32 teams into 8 groups. Every group have 4 teams. The groups champions and runner-up will take part round of 16. In this 16 teams 8 teams will go to the quarter-final then 4 teams go to semi-finals and at least two teams will play 2018 fifa world cup final.

2018 World Cup Qualified Teams List By Confederation

Confederation  Participating Teams  places  Qualified Teams
 Asia  46  4.5  Iran, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Australia
 Africa  53  5  Nigeria, Senegal, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco
 Europe  54  14  Russia, Belgium, England, Spain, Poland, Serbia, Iceland, France, Portugal, Germany, Serbia, Switzerland, Croatia, Sweden, Denmark
 North Central America And Caribbean  35  3.5  Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama
Intercontinental play-offs (Oceania)  11  0.5  Australia, Peru
 South America  10  4.5  Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Peru
 Total = 6  209  32                          32

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