FIFA World Cup 2018 Match Schedule in Singapore Time SGT

The 21st edition of FIFA world Cup will take place in Russia from June 14, 2018 to July 15, 2018 so there will be 32 days of exciting football matches waiting for you. FIFA World Cup takes place every 4 years and the last world cup was hosted by the South American country Brazil. There were many requests from users for providing 2018 FIFA World Cup Schedule in Singapore Standard Time (SST) which is also known as Waktu Piawai Singapura (WPS) and Singapore Time (SGT) and so here we are with that.

We know there are a lot of football crazy fans in Singapore and they want to enjoy the FIFA World Cup 2018, but as the world cup is in Russia there will be a slight bit of difficulty in finding the match timings. So here we are for you, we will provide you the Match Schedule of FIFA World Cup 2018 in Singapore Standard Time (SST) for all the 64 matches so that you never miss a match. Russia is a country with many different time zones. The Matches in Russia will be played as per UTC+2, UTC+3, UTC+4 & UTC+5. The Singapore Time is UTC+8:00 hence we converted the timing of all the matches in UTC+8:00.

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The Opening Match will be played on June 14, 2018 at 11:00 PM Singapore Time between Hosts Russia and Saudi Arabia at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow while the final match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be played on July 15, 2018 at 11:00 PM Singapore Time.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Match Schedule in Singapore Time (SGT)

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MatchNo.DateTime (SGT)TeamsStadiumStage
1.June 14, 201811:00 PMRussia vs Saudi ArabiaLuzhniki Stadium, MoscowGroup
2.June 15, 20188:00 PMEgypt vs UruguayCentral Stadium, YekaterinburgGroup
3.June 16, 20182:00 AMPortugal vs SpainFisht Olympic Stadium, SochiGroup
4.June 15, 201811:00 PMMorocco vs IranKrestovsky Stadium, Saint PetersburgGroup
5.June 16, 20186:00 PMFrance vs AustraliaKazan Arena, KazanGroup
6.June 17, 201812:00 AMPeru vs DenmarkMordovia Arena, SaranskGroup
7.June 16, 20189:00 PMArgentina vs IcelandOtkrytiye Arena, MoscowGroup
8.June 17, 20183:00 AMCroatia vs NigeriaKaliningrad Stadium, KaliningradGroup
9.June 18, 20182:00 AMBrazil vs SwitzerlandRostov Arena, Rostov-on-DonGroup
10.June 17, 20188:00 PMCosta Rica vs SerbiaCosmos Arena, SamaraGroup
11.June 17, 201811:00 PMGermany vs MexicoLuzhniki Stadium, MoscowGroup
12.June 18, 20188:00 PMSweden vs South KoreaNizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny NovgorodGroup
13.June 18, 201811:00 PMBelgium vs PanamaFisht Olympic Stadium, SochiGroup
14.June 19, 20182:00 AMTunisia vs EnglandVolgograd Arena, VolgogradGroup
15.June 19, 201811:00 PMPoland vs SenegalOtkrytiye Arena, MoscowGroup
16.June 19, 20188:00 PMColombia vs JapanMordovia Arena, SaranskGroup
17.June 20, 20182:00 AMRussia vs EgyptKrestovsky Stadium, Saint PetersburgGroup
18.June 20, 201811:00 PMUruguay vs Saudi ArabiaRostov Arena, Rostov-on-DonGroup
19.June 20, 20188:00 PMPortugal vs MoroccoLuzhniki Stadium, MoscowGroup
20.June 21, 20182:00 AMIran vs SpainKazan Arena, KazanGroup
21.June 21, 201811:00 PMFrance vs PeruCentral Stadium, YekaterinburgGroup
22.June 21, 20188:00 PMDenmark vs AustraliaCosmos Arena, SamaraGroup
23.June 22, 20182:00 AMArgentina vs CroatiaNizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny NovgorodGroup
24.June 22, 201811:00 PMNigeria vs IcelandVolgograd Arena, VolgogradGroup
25.June 22, 20188:00 PMBrazil vs Costa RicaKrestovsky Stadium, Saint PetersburgGroup
26.June 23, 20182:00 AMSerbia vs SwitzerlandKaliningrad Stadium, KaliningradGroup
27.June 24, 20182:00 AMGermany vs SwedenFisht Olympic Stadium, SochiGroup
28.June 23, 201811:00 PMSouth Korea vs MexicoRostov Arena, Rostov-on-DonGroup
29.June 23, 20188:00 PMBelgium vs TunisiaOtkrytiye Arena, MoscowGroup
30.June 24, 20188:00 PMEngland vs PanamaNizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny NovgorodGroup
31.June 25, 20182:00 AMPoland vs ColombiaKazan Arena, KazanGroup
32.June 24, 201811:00 PMJapan vs SenegalCentral Stadium, YekaterinburgGroup
33.June 25, 201810:00 PMUruguay vs RussiaCosmos Arena, SamaraGroup
34.June 25, 201810:00 PMSaudi Arabia vs EgyptVolgograd Arena, VolgogradGroup
35.June 26, 20182:00 AMIran vs PortugalMordovia Arena, SaranskGroup
36.June 26, 20182:00 AMSpain vs MoroccoKaliningrad Stadium, KaliningradGroup
37.June 26, 201810:00 PMDenmark vs FranceLuzhniki Stadium, MoscowGroup
38.June 26, 201810:00 PMAustralia vs PeruFisht Olympic Stadium, SochiGroup
39.June 27, 20182:00 AMNigeria vs ArgentinaKrestovsky Stadium, Saint PetersburgGroup
40.June 27, 20182:00 AMIceland vs CroatiaRostov Arena, Rostov-on-DonGroup
41.June 28, 20182:00 AMSerbia vs BrazilOtkrytiye Arena, MoscowGroup
42.June 28, 20182:00 AMSwitzerland vs Costa RicaNizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny NovgorodGroup
43.June 27, 201810:00 PMSouth Korea vs GermanyKazan Arena, KazanGroup
44.June 27, 201810:00 PMMexico vs SwedenCentral Stadium, YekaterinburgGroup
45.June 29, 20182:00 AMEngland vs BelgiumKaliningrad Stadium, KaliningradGroup
46.June 29, 20182:00 AMPanama vs TunisiaMordovia Arena, SaranskGroup
47.June 28, 201810:00 PMJapan vs PolandVolgograd Arena, VolgogradGroup
48.June 28, 201810:00 PMSenegal vs ColombiaCosmos Arena, SamaraGroup
49.July 1, 20182:00 AMWinner Group A vs Runner-up Group BFisht Olympic Stadium, SochiRound of 16
50.June 30, 201810:00 PMWinner Group C vs Runner-up Group DKazan Arena, KazanRound of 16
51.July 1, 201810:00 PMWinner Group B vs Runner-up Group ALuzhniki Stadium, MoscowRound of 16
52.July 2, 20182:00 AMWinner Group D vs Runner-up Group CNizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny NovgorodRound of 16
53.July 2, 201810:00 PMWinner Group E vs Runner-up Group FCosmos Arena, SamaraRound of 16
54.July 3, 20182:00 AMWinner Group G vs Runner-up Group HRostov Arena, Rostov-on-DonRound of 16
55.July 3, 201810:00 PMWinner Group F vs Runner-up Group EKrestovsky Stadium, Saint PetersburgRound of 16
56.July 4, 20182:00 AMWinner Group H vs Runner-up Group GOtkrytiye Arena, MoscowRound of 16
57.July 6, 201810:00 PMWinner Match 49 vs Winner Match 50Nizhny Novgorod Stadium, Nizhny NovgorodQuarter-finals
58.July 7, 20182:00 AMWinner Match 53 vs Winner Match 54Kazan Arena, KazanQuarter-finals
59.July 8, 20182:00 AMWinner Match 51 vs Winner Match 52Fisht Olympic Stadium, SochiQuarter-finals
60.July 7, 201810:00 PMWinner Match 55 vs Winner Match 56Cosmos Arena, SamaraQuarter-finals
61.July 11, 20182:00 AMWinner Match 57 vs Winner Match 58Krestovsky Stadium, Saint PetersburgSemi-finals
62.July 12, 20182:00 AMWinner Match 59 vs Winner Match 60Luzhniki Stadium, MoscowSemi-finals
63.July 14, 201810:00 PMLoser Match 61 vs Loser Match 62Krestovsky Stadium, Saint PetersburgThird place
64.July 15, 201811:00 PMWinner Match 61 vs Winner Match 62Luzhniki Stadium, MoscowFinal

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