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FIFA 2026 News: From Automatic Qualifications & FIFA’s U-turn, To Lionel Scaloni’s New Contract and Messi Next Cup Goal, Latest News on FIFA 2026

FIFA 2026 News: FIFA 2026 News: From Automatic Qualifications & FIFA's U-turn, To Lionel Scaloni's New Contract and Messi Next Cup Goal, Latest News on FIFA 2026

In the latest news on FIFA 2026, there have been significant developments that are set to shape the upcoming tournament. FIFA has announced an automatic qualification for the host nation, which will be decided in advance to ensure proper preparations.

In other news, Lionel Scaloni has signed a new contract to continue as the coach of Argentina’s national team, sparking excitement among fans. Finally, all eyes are on Messi, Who is in doubt about playing in FIFA World Cup 2026. With these updates, the countdown to FIFA 2026 continues.

Let’s Have a look at these Latest Updates on FIFA World Cup 2026

FIFA confirms Canadian Men’s 2026 World Cup Qualification

canda football team

The Canadian men’s national soccer team has made significant progress in recent years, with the team’s qualification for the 2022 World Cup marking the end of a 36-year drought. Although the team was eliminated in the group stage after losing all three of its matches, the experience was seen as a valuable step forward for Canadian soccer.

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With the team now set to host matches at the 2026 World Cup as an automatic qualifier, there is renewed optimism about the future of soccer in Canada. The expanded format of the tournament, which will include 48 teams for the first time, is also seen as a major opportunity for smaller soccer nations to compete on the world stage.

FIFA World Cup 2026 Group Stage Format Might Change as FIFA Consider U-turn

FIFA World Cup 2026 Host countries, cities for next men's tournament, FIFA Takes U Turn On Group Stage Decision

It seems that FIFA is considering a U-turn back to a four-team World Cup group stage instead of the previously planned 16 groups of three for the 2026 World Cup. This change could be confirmed at FIFA’s council meeting in Rwanda on March 16. There are concerns over the qualification of teams for the World Cup and then going home after only two games.

There are also concerns over the environmental impact of the tournament, which will be spread across North America. Teams will play in pods, and there will be other strategies put in place to adhere to the bid requirements. FIFA is looking to cut the preparation time from the three weeks given in Russia.

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Argentina’s Coach Lionel Scaloni to Stay Till 2026

Lionel Scaloni argentina football coach and messi, Lionel Scaloni to remain as Argentina's National Coach till 2026

In other News, Lionel Scaloni has signed a new contract to remain as the head coach of the Argentine national football team until the 2026 World Cup. Scaloni took over the role on an interim basis in 2018 and was later given the job permanently. Under his leadership, Argentina won the Copa America in 2021 and then went on to win the World Cup in Qatar in December 2022, beating France in the final.

 This was Argentina’s third World Cup victory, and their first since 1986. Despite some initial doubts about his appointment, Scaloni has proved to be a successful coach for Argentina.

Messi Doubts About Playing 2026 World Cup

Messi Records: Messi to break these records in world cup Finals, Will Lionel Messi Play In 2026 World Cup?

Lionel Messi, the Argentine footballer who led his national team to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup, has expressed his desire for coach Lionel Scaloni to remain at the helm until the 2026 World Cup. Although Messi is unsure whether he will play in the next World Cup, he hopes Scaloni will continue to coach the team.

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The next World Cup will take place in Mexico, Canada, and the United States when Messi will be 39 years old. Messi recently stated in an interview that while he loves playing football and will continue as long as he feels fit, it seems unlikely he will participate in the next World Cup due to his age.

However, he expressed his interest in playing in the upcoming Copa America in the United States to help Argentina defend its title.

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