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Copa America 2019 Jersey : All Teams Jersey Kits

Copa America 2019 Jersey : All Teams Jersey Kits 1

This year Copa America 2019 will be played in the home soil of Brazil country. It is going to bring a number of interesting jersey kits for all the teams likes Argentina, Colombia as well as, most notably, a white colored one for host nation Brazil.

Besides the CONMEBOL contingent, Asian nations Japan and Qatar will also take part as invited teams.

Brazil Jersey Copa America 2019

This is the main Stream Line story so far for the fans: For the first time since year 1950 FIFA World Cup finals, Brazil 2019 Cypriot are going to wear a white jersey kit in Copa America 2019 uniform. While earlier it was expected that the white kit could be at home, we would finally see Brazil using the Yellow Color Home Kit alternatively.

New Nike Brazil Copa America 2019 home shirt

Brazil Jersey Copa America 2019

The World Cup of 1950 certainly ended in a disaster for Brazil, when team Uruguay snatched the title from them in the final match of the fifa world cup, changing the white kit to yellow.

The Brazilian national team this evening presented its new home kit, which will be worn at the Copa America this summer.

Brazil Copa America 2019 Jersey Kit

Colombia Copa America 2019 Jersey Kit


Just similar to team Argentina, Colombia National Team will also receive a brand new jersey home kit from the sports company Adidas. There is no leaked images yet in the market of what is expected to be fairly standard apart from the lettering, which will be of color red. There won’t be a new away jersey kit.

The Colombia 2019 Copa America kit uses the new Adidas font. Whereas the player names and numbers of the World Cup kit were dark blue, they will be red for the Colombia 2019 Copa America home shirt.

This is the Colombia’s Copa America 2019 home jersey by Adidas.


Colombia is the third national team to receive a new home kit from Adidas in Copa Amerca 2019, after team Argentina and Mexico. The Colombia’s 2019 Copa America shirt will be seen at the continental tournament of Copa America 2019 in Brazil from June 14th and July 7th.

Argentina Copa America 2019 Jersey

Argentina will receive a new home kit for the 2019 Copa America, which has already been leaked. There won’t be a new away jersey.

Adidas Argentina Copa America 2019 home shirt.

The collar, which is round, and the sleeve cuffs of the Argentina 2019 Copa America Jersey kit are both dark blue. The Adidas stripes, which sit on the shoulders, are bright blue.

Argentina Copa America 2019 Jersey

Predominantly white, the Argentina 2019 Copa America jersey features just two sky blue stripes on the front and back, with a pretty unique brush stroke effect applied to them.

Peru Copa America 2019 Jersey

New Peru brand Marathon, having taken over from Umbro after the World Cup, released two new kits in early September. Pending a major surprise, they’ll be used at the Copa America 2019 Event as well.

Even more unusual is the back side. The shoulders and upper back of the Peru 2018-2019 home jersey are red, but the rest is solid white. Finally, stripe accents in a slightly darker shade of red complete the look.

Copa America 2019 Peru Team Jerseyy

Marathon Sports, an Ecuador-based brand, has taken over the Peru national team contract from Umbro after the World Cup. Today, the new Peru 2018-2019 home kit was presented.

White colored shorts and socks are worn together with the Peru new 2019 home shirt.

This is the New Peru 2019 Copa America Home Shirt by Marathon Sports.

Copa America 2019 Peru Team Jersey

The new Peru 2019 jersey introduces a little unique take on the classic red sash design as Marathon Sports never shy away from the possible controversies of the color and design. Whilst the front look that one would always expect, with the sash running from the top left corner to the bottom right corner, the left sleeve of the new Peru 2019 copa america Marathon Sports home shirt is all-red.

Chile Copa America 2019 Jersey

Chile’s Copa America 2019 jersey will be made by sports brand Nike. currently it remains to be seen whether there’ll be a (or two) new jersey kits to be launch, but it doesn’t seems like it right now. The 2018 Chile jersey kits haven’t seen much use in the matches So far as the team didn’t even quality for the Russia World Cup 2018.

Based on Nike’s new template, the Chile 2019 home kit is red with a blue collar, without any sort of graphic or design on the t-shirt. A subtle zig-zag knit pattern is present on the sleeves of the jersey.

Chile Copa America 2019 Jersey Kit

Uruguay Copa America 2019 Jersey

Uruguay’s kits are made by Puma. The brand unveiled brand-new home and away kits in March.

Based on the same template, the Uruguay 2019 Copa America away shirt is mainly white with sky blue accents on the sleeves, neck and cuffs. The Puma logos are gold on the Uruguay 2019 away jersey.

Uruguay Copa America 2019 Jersey.

Copa America 2019 Uruguay Jersey

The Uruguay Copa America 2019 Jersey Launches a clean look for the team. Attractive sky blue, it features white trim on the sleeves of the t-shirt, collar and cuffs. The logos of the puma, on the chest and on the sleeves are gold, to match the coloring of the federation crest to make it gentle.

Qatar Copa America 2019 Jersey

Qatar will use the 2018 home and foreign Jersey kits, which were early released by the

Nike Qatar Copa America 2019 home jersey.

Copa America 2019 Jersey team Qatar

On the Basis of Nike 2019 template and featuring a simple but modern look, the brand new new Qatar Copa America 2019 shirt is of color maroon with a Nike Swoosh. It comes without any remarkable design.

Qatar Copa America 2019 Jersey team

Japan Copa America 2019 Jersey

Japan will be using the same jersey kits as they have already worn at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Simply light grey, the team Japan National Team 2019 copa america away jersey features the same EQT collar as included in the home town jersey, with a bit of white trim around the top fo the neck. The 3 Stripes, placed on the shoulders of the Japan away kit, are also white.

The Adidas Japan Copa America 2019 Jersey.

Japan Copa America 2019 jersey

Inspired by the Adidas EQT kits of the 1990s, the Japan 2019 away shirt boasts a large but subtle 3 Stripe graphic on the upper left side. A red Adidas logo on the right chest rounds off the design.

White shorts and socks complete the Japan 2019 World Cup away kit.

venezuela Copa America 2019 Jersey

Venezuela had left Adidas for an new Italian brand name “Givova” this year and have already presented two new kits for the Copa America 2019. However, after some of the complaints about the design and overall quality of the garments with “givova”, Fans might see one or more changes comes to Venezuela’s 2019 Copa America jersey kits between now and the Next Copa America 2020.

jersey copa america 2019 venezuela

paraguay Copa America 2019 Jersey

Paraguay released a new home kit in early 2018, and the same one will be used for the Copa America as well.


The collar, of a traditional round shape, and the sleeve cuffs of the Paraguay 2019 kit are red with blue trim.

Blue shorts and white socks complete the Paraguay 2019 home kit by Adidas.


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