Best Fifa World Cup 2018 Apps on Android and iOS

Fifa World Cup 2018 Apps

Best Fifa World Cup 2018 Apps: There are plenty of FIFA World Cup games on Android and iOS, but very few that are actually worth downloading. We trawled through the depths of the Google Play and the App Store to find five Football games worth your playing so you don’t have to waste the time on anything else that aren’t called Stick FIFA World Cup. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a fun game but it lacks a sense of depth and engagement that these other titles bring to the table which its simplified approach just cannot match. If you’re a cricket lover, then you should be playing these five games on on your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices.

Best FIFA World Cup 2018 Apps

#1. FIFA Official App

FIFA Official App will give you all the coverage of FIFA world cup. You can get latest updates; follow your favorites and watch games live. You will enjoy reading in-depth news, interviews and analytical articles.

Check photos and watch videos to relive every moment of the games. The app lets you track FIFA world ranking. With this app, you can even vote for the man of the match in all the games. To be precise, the app has all you want.

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#2. Onefootball

Onefootball keeps you updated about all latest happenings related to FIFA World Cup. The app provides everything you would want to remain at the top of the game like live scores, news, highlights, stats, etc. With the personalized content as per teams, players, you will be able to easily stay updated about your favorites.

The expert analysis would provide you the right insight about the game and who were right on top. What’s more, you can predict the result of matches and even vote for the best player of the tournament.

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#3. ESPN

ESPN is truly the powerhouse and must for football fans. With this app, you will easily catch up with all the latest updates of the game. You will quickly catch up with all the stories and videos from your favorite teams. Thanks to the iMessage extension, you will be able to share live scores with your friends. Even better, you can enjoy video highlights without having to quit the Messages app on your iOS device.

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#4. Deportes Telemundo

Wish to keep a tab on soccer tournaments and major events? Deportes Telemundo is the way to go for you. The app helps you stay informed with the latest news, stats, alerts and results. Using calendars, you will find out the upcoming matches of your favorite teams. Even if you miss any games, you will watch the videos to find out everything that made the match so sensational.

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#5. BBC Sport

BBC Sports brings you all the news and latest happenings of the Sports world. This app lets you watch major games live and even allows you to catch on-demand highlights. Create a personalized page to easily access all the stories, updates and news from your favorite games. You can set notifications to never miss out on any important news. Furthermore, you will watch BBC Radio 5 live sports while browsing the app.

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I know you have elected one of these apps to stay updated and catch all the major news and highlights about every match? What’s its name and why have you picked it?

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