2019 Cricket World Cup Schedule in Mauritius Time (MUT)

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Schedule in Mauritius Time (MUT) is being searched in higher volume so to help the cricket fans living in Mauritius we have prepared the world cup 2019 schedule according to the Mauritius time zone.

In Mauritius there are lot if Indians who loves cricket and are always eager to follow each and every match of the 2019 Cricket World Cup which is scheduled from 30th May, 2019 to 14th July 14 in Wales and England (United Kingdom).

A total of 48 matches are scheduled to be played across 11 venues in this world-cup.

What is ICC Cricket World Cup?

Cricket World Cup is a cricket tournament which happens every fourth year and top cricketing nations compete with each other to win the World Cup Trophy.

This tournament is also known as the ICC Cricket World Cups as it is organized by the International Governing body of Cricket which is International Cricket Council (ICC in short). Until now ICC has organized 11 world cups. And this time the world cup is schedule in the United kingdom.

Mauritius is a beautiful country situated in the Indian Ocean and a lot Asians ( mainly Indians) resides in this country.  For all the cricket lovers in the Mauritius, we are providing the Match Schedule of Cricket World Cup 2019  according to the Mauritius Time.

As the tournament is going to be held in the UK, the matches timings will be according to the British Summer Time & British Summer Time is one hour ahead of GMT while the MUT (Mauritius Time) is four hours ahead of GMT.

So, to avoid the confusion we have converted the match timings of all the 48 matches of Cricket World Cup 2019 according  to the Mauritius Time (MUT).

The very first match of the cricket world-cup 2019 will be played on 30th May, 2019, at 1:30 PM (MUT) between South Africa and will be hosted in England at The Oval in London. And, the final match will be played on 14th July, 2019 at 1:30 PM (MUT) at Lord’s in London.

2019 ICC Cricket World Cup Schedule in Mauritius Time (MUT)

Time (MUT)TeamsStadiumStage
1.May 301:30 PMEngland vs South AfricaThe Oval, LondonGroup
2.May 311:30 PMPakistan vs WindiesTrent Bridge, NottinghamGroup
3.June 11:30 PMNew Zealand vs Sri LankaSophia Gardens, CardiffGroup
4.June 14:30 PMAfghanistan vs AustraliaCounty Ground, BristolGroup
5.June 21:30 PMBangladesh vs South AfricaThe Oval, LondonGroup
6.June 31:30 PMEngland vs PakistanTrent Bridge, NottinghamGroup
7.June 41:30 PMAfghanistan vs Sri LankaSophia Gardens, CardiffGroup
8.June 51:30 PMIndia vs South AfricaRose Bowl, SouthamptonGroup
9.June 54:30 PMBangladesh vs New ZealandThe Oval, LondonGroup
10.June 61:30 PMAustralia vs WindiesTrent Bridge, NottinghamGroup
11.June 71:30 PMPakistan vs Sri LankaCounty Ground, BristolGroup
12.June 81:30 PMEngland vs BangladeshSophia Gardens, CardiffGroup
13.June 84:30 PMAfghanistan vs New ZealandCounty Ground, TauntonGroup
14.June 91:30 PMAustralia vs IndiaThe Oval, LondonGroup
15.June 101:30 PMSouth Africa vs WindiesRose Bowl, SouthamptonGroup
16.June 111:30 PMBangladesh vs Sri LankaCounty Ground, BristolGroup
17.June 121:30 PMAustralia vs PakistanCounty Ground, TauntonGroup
18.June 131:30 PMIndia vs New ZealandTrent Bridge, NottinghamGroup
19.June 141:30 PMEngland vs WindiesRose Bowl, SouthamptonGroup
20.June 151:30 PMAustralia vs Sri LankaThe Oval, LondonGroup
21.June 154:30 PMAfghanistan vs South AfricaSophia Gardens, CardiffGroup
22.June 161:30 PMIndia vs PakistanOld Trafford, ManchesterGroup
23.June 171:30 PMBangladesh vs WindiesCounty Ground, TauntonGroup
24.June 181:30 PMEngland vs AfghanistanOld Trafford, ManchesterGroup
25.June 191:30 PMNew Zealand vs South AfricaEdgbaston, BirminghamGroup
26.June 201:30 PMAustralia vs BangladeshTrent Bridge, NottinghamGroup
27.June 211:30 PMEngland vs Sri LankaHeadingley, LeedsGroup
28.June 221:30 PMAfghanistan vs IndiaRose Bowl, SouthamptonGroup
29.June 224:30 PMNew Zealand vs WindiesOld Trafford, ManchesterGroup
30.June 231:30 PMPakistan vs South AfricaLord’s, LondonGroup
31.June 241:30 PMAfghanistan vs BangladeshRose Bowl, SouthamptonGroup
32.June 251:30 PMEngland vs AustraliaLord’s, LondonGroup
33.June 261:30 PMNew Zealand vs PakistanEdgbaston, BirminghamGroup
34.June 271:30 PMIndia vs WindiesOld Trafford, ManchesterGroup
35.June 281:30 PMSri Lanka vs South AfricaRiverside Ground, Chester-le-StreetGroup
36.June 291:30 PMAfghanistan vs PakistanHeadingley, LeedsGroup
37.June 294:30 PMAustralia vs New ZealandLord’s, LondonGroup
38.June 301:30 PMEngland vs IndiaEdgbaston, BirminghamGroup
39.July 11:30 PMSri Lanka vs WindiesRiverside Ground, Chester-le-StreetGroup
40.July 21:30 PMBangladesh vs IndiaEdgbaston, BirminghamGroup
41.July 31:30 PMEngland vs New ZealandRiverside Ground, Chester-le-StreetGroup
42.July 41:30 PMAfghanistan vs WindiesHeadingley, LeedsGroup
43.July 51:30 PMBangladesh vs PakistanLord’s, LondonGroup
44.July 61:30 PMIndia vs Sri LankaHeadingley, LeedsGroup
45.July 64:30 PMAustralia vs South AfricaOld Trafford, ManchesterGroup
46.July 91:30 PMQualifier 1 vs Qualifier 4Old Trafford, ManchesterSemi-finals
47.July 111:30 PMQualifier 2 vs Qualifier 3Edgbaston, BirminghamSemi-finals
48.July 141:30 PMWinners Semi-final 1 vs Winners Semi-final 2Lord’s, LondonFinal


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